Planning Retirement? Have a Look at Spanish Property

By DavidGreth on January 20, 2011 In Home and Family

Recent economic downturn has greatly diminished life time savings of many people. Those who have been particularly hit hard are soon-to-be-retirees and who had planned to retire in subsequent years. They have found themselves at a critical juncture where they have to make some tough decisions which can impact how they will be able to spend the rest of their lives.

Some recent developments have made their choices easier and much clearer. Retiring in Spain has become not only a fad but now is seen as the most sensible choice. Planning on a Spanish retirement means lower potential ptoperty costs, affordable & hi-class Medicare, a warm climate and the possibility of your savings lasting longer.

Spain, situated at the Southern tip of modern Europe is easily accessible by air, rail, road and sea. It has been a favourite tourist destination for British, German and Scandinavian citizens for many decades.

Spain is still seen as very much a developing country which means the cost of living is lower than most of Western Europe. All essential amenities and facilities especially Medical facilities are very affordable. Items of everyday living are also considerably lower which means savings even while you are getting comparable services/products.

One big ticket item for every retiree is Medical care. This eats up a large chunk of savings. In Spain, one can get medical facilities which are of international standards with well qualified and hugely experienced doctors & staff. The hospitals have state of the art facilities and equipments. The services provided are highly specialized and the personal care and attention to each patient is as good as anywhere.

As everybody is aware, Spain is a world famous tourist destination and receives huge traffic inflow during peak seasons. Many people buy retirement Homes in Spain very early and rent them out as holiday rental homes . The steady income from the rentals with no hassle is a welcome addition. So, buying Spanish property not only secures your future but can also increase your retirement pot as you reach your nominated retirement age.

If you are planning on retirement then do consider Spain, like any other destination carefully; see up and coming areas, developments and communities and see what destination suits you better. Do your research, visit different areas at different times of year, use local specialists to point out areas that correspond to your desired lifestyle criteria. Marbella, Valencia, Malaga, Los Pandos and many other beautiful destinations beckon you!

The project of Los Pandos covers an area of 5000 hectares in the locality of Almansa in the Albacete province.

Part of the larger region of Castilla la Mancha, Los Pandos, is within just one hour’s drive of the airports of Alicante, Murcia and Valencia. Each also boasts a sea port with Valencia’s being the second largest logistical port in Spain.

There are train links from all three to Madrid and Almansa is also well connected by road with motorway links to all major towns and cities. Although present infrastructure is more than adequate for the development of Los Pandos, a high speed rail network – the AVE – is already underway.

The central hub of the new rail connection, due for completion in the coming months, will be in Almansa. This superior transportation network will make Los Pandos one of the most important strategic and logistic platforms in Southern Europe.

As the vineyard is undoubtedly the focal point of Los Pandos, initial investment and development is being directed into that area. Extensive studies have been undertaken and are ongoing, reformation of the existing farmhouse and other buildings will allow for the state of the art and experimanetal bodegas. Brands are in development and marketing strategies in place for taking Los Pandos vineyard firmly into the 21st century and creating a high quality, yet profitable wine business.

As the project moves forward, plans for the development of eco-villages, leisiure facilities, technical and industrial zones, state of the Art sports facilities – all utilising the latest in sustainable development techniques – will come to fruition.

So come with us on our journey of discovery, in building what we think will be the benchmark for sustainable living for centuries to come.

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