Quick Facts About Midwest Airlines

By DirkHambridge on January 22, 2011 In Home Business

In case you hadn’t heard, Midwest Airlines is now called Frontier Airlines because of a merger that happened earlier in 2010. But we will talk in terms of Midwest Airlines because that is what this article is all about. Midwest is a small airlines, with about 2400 employees, that mainly caters to leisure and business travelers. It’s main hub is Milwaukee Wisconsin that operates out of the General Billy Mitchell Airfield. Nonstop trips to Costa Rica, the US and Mexico are Midwest’s forte. Vegas, LA, San Francisco, Phoenix, Tampa and Ft. Lauderdale are just a few of the cities serviced by the airline. But there is much more about this unique and newly-merged airline, too.

You can expect to see the tell-tale designs of Frontier’s aircraft begin to encroach on the Midwest planes shortly. The idea sprouted up in 1994 when Frontier decided to distinguish itself from other carriers with unique plane designs. They had the desire to be completely unique from other similar carriers. The planes were soon outfitted with wildlife themes. They then took these themes one step further and developed unique advertising concepts. More than 50 animals now make up the tale designs for Frontier planes. We are excited to see this tradition continue after the merger completes. One very common concern with all passengers is how many bags can be carried into the seating section. Midwest/Frontier Airlines allows for one piece of carry-on luggage as well as a personal item to carry. Personal items can be things like laptops (with or without a carrying case), small tote bags, handbags and other items of that size. There are some very specific dimensions for carryons but usually the general rule is that the item needs to either fit underneath one of the seats or into one of the bins overhead. Because security in the US is very strict, there are some limits to what can and cannot be brought onto the aircraft. The TSA makes these rules and their website contains a full list of all of the things that are restricted.

Midwest offers two corporate programs, one of which is named the Best Care Business program. Many companies enlist in programs like those offered by Midwest because they make their employees do lots of flying for business purposes. Award Points is just one of the things BCB offers–points awarded according to the number of tickets purchased. Another very nice benefit is the individual business traveler will earn EarlyReturns Frequent Flyer miles in addition to other membership benefits. The Best Care Business Program is great because both the company and the actual flier can reap the benefits.

What you can expect from this merger once it’s completed is a much more powerful and healthy regional carrier. That is good news for not only the company and employees but also for the public that is served by these airlines.

It is not necessarily so easy for other airlines to absorb the extra flying load if one or more air carriers is suddenly no longer in operation. It typically requires a tremendous logistical infrastructure to absorb this increase. A merger between two healthy companies is rare but definitely a good thing for all.

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