Save Cash and Print Decals for Models With Your Home Printer

By XavierSutton on January 21, 2011 In Computers

Making miniature models has been an American pastime for many years. There are hundreds of different types of models available for every type of enthusiast. Two of the most popular and most purchased models are cars and airplanes. Model boats, houses and era specific crafts are all popular as well. People build models for numerous reasons like home decorations, presentations or school projects. Often, getting the supplies you need to build a model can be challenging. If there is a specific decal or logo that you want to create, it might be a better idea to make your own using your home printer. Sometimes stores do not have the decals you need and you do not want to be limited by their selection. Use your imagination and creativity to produce an one-of-a-kind model.

You should have these supplies handy before you begin: sticker or decal paper, printer ink cartridges, glue, craft knife, ruler and templates.

Here are some simple steps to printing and creating your own decals.

1. Pick up some decal or sticker paper from your local office supply or craft store. Look for the standard 8 1/2″ x 11″ to make sure that the paper properly fits your printer. You can usually choose between clear and white.

2. Cutting tools and templates can be found at the craft or hobby store as well as a scrap booking supply store. It is recommended that you use a self healing cutting surface and a small knife like and exacto-blade.

3. You can either download images from the internet or make your own decals using graphic software. Google images are a great resource for all kinds of pictures and logos. You can also go to that company’s website to find logos.

4. Make sure to consider how much printer ink the image will use and then print it off with your home computer. To save on paper, make sure you fill the document with as much images as possible and print some in black to save on printer ink. You can also adjust the size of the image to cut down on excess printer ink usage and paper.

5. Once you have your printed sheets, use your cutting tools and guides to cut them out of the sheets. A craft knife will look more polished and professional than scissors. You might need to let the printer ink dry first to avoid colors being smeared.

6. Now you are ready to affix them to your model. Check to see that the surface is clean and dry. If it is necessary, use glue to seal the edges.

Printing your own decals can be fun and allows you to truly customize your decals. The only drawback is that you will use a lot of printer ink cartridges, which can be expensive. However, it is more than worth it to make a custom decal. You will be sure to have the most original model for your school or organization’s contest. You can use your creations to decorate a room or fill a display case. The only thing that is holding you back now is your imagination.

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