Say It All with Taylor Swift’s ‘Speak Now’

By billybonds1980 on January 22, 2011 In General

If you are a music enthusiast especially if you are a lover of pop and country songs and music, you surely know Taylor Swift who popped victor in the music industry just recently. She is one of the best talents that can be heard over the radio or watched in different music channels in television. She hits the chart without a doubt because of her exceptional ability to compose and at the same time sing her own songs. She started painting the town with her notes at the age of sixteen with her eleven track CD released by Big Machine Records. Her first single was Tim McGraw and it was definitely a hit in the Top 20. The uniqueness of her songs becomes even more fabulous as she mixes the modern country songs with the traditional.
Taylor Swift can also be lined up now even with the veterans because despite her young age she doesn’t seem to be intimidated and she has a strong conviction on her passion for music. The feeling is there, you can feel it because as she expresses her music she gives her all to it. She had been doing partnership with Liz Rose in writing her eleven songs for her first album.
Aside from Tim McGraw, Taylor Swift has also made the songs “Picture to Burn” and “Teardrops on my Guitar” hit the air waves. One good thing about Taylor Swift’s songs is that they are based from her own personal experience that is why it adds more emotions to her songs. It is just right the way it should be sang and handled.
There is good news for Taylor Swift’s fanatics out there. Just recently October 25, 2010, Speak Now has also chimed success for her because she was the sole writer of all the fourteen songs contained in the said Album. Aside from that she even ventured into co producing her own album! Of course she has Nathan Chapman with her to help her co produce her first three studio albums.
In her album Speak Now, the first track entitled Mine, spotted the top five and even climbed to the number three spot in the recent top charts and is expected to climb up more to the top spot after the album was released.
Taylor Swift is indeed a music genius for being able to express the most genuine emotions simply through songwriting and singing her own songs.

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