Should I Always Buy A .Com Domain Name?

By samdomainian on January 20, 2011 In Internet and Online Business

“Should I always buy a .com domain name?” This is a question that many will ask themselves, especially when one is thinking to buy a .com domain name. Many sites will tell you how to buy a .com domain name , alongside many other domains. Domains using .org and .net are as plentiful as .coms, but they show up differently in search rankings than .coms. Organizations typically use .org, and networking technology sites use .net. Many other extensions are out there as well, such as .edu for educational sites and .gov for governmental websites. These, again, are their intended use. Their real use varies.

A .net domain is virtually identical to .com today, and if the option to buy a .com domain name is not available, a .net version may be. You will probably come across an available .net domain when you are searching for .com domains. You can also get a .org domain name to act like a .net or .com, but this is rare. It is even less likely for you to use a .gov or .edu unless you are part of such entities. A .biz domain is very rarely seen, being intended for an use everyone with an internet connection sees. The .biz domain was essentially phased out as businesses took over the .com domain names.

With that said, you really should buy a com domain if it is feasible to do so. The .com domain is the preferred domain of search engines, and will often rank first. The only time this may not happen is if it is a site that has always gone by another domain, especially in the case of .gov or .edu. You will still find a .com domain in the results, even if .edu and .gov are first. This comes about because search engines prefer .coms when it can. Going with a domain other than a .com or a .net could end up hurting your search rankings. If you fail to buy a .com domain name when you have the chance to, you could hurt your potential for traffic and search engine rankings.

Always buy a com domain if you have the chance to do so. Your .com domain will rank much more quickly than a .org or .biz would, giving you increased traffic much more quickly. You will also see an increase in your sales. You cannot go wrong with a .com domain. Buy a .com domain, and reap the benefits!

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