Spa Repair – How to Restore Your Own Hot Tub – My Restore Water pump Is Not Working

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A current hot tub consist of a minimum of one pump, and perhaps as many as 5 distinct pumps. Almost all spa hot tubs today have 2-3 pumps.

The spa water pump takes on these functions:

. It circulates the spa water over the the heating unit in order to heat the hot tub water

. It circulates the spa water over the spa filter as a way to maintain the water healthy and cleansed

. It offers the hydro therapy features

. It gives you mist (in case a misting system is set up)

. It distributes ozone all through the spa water

. It distributes the spa chemicals in the water

Your water pumps, because they are made of moving parts, are very likely to be the primary spa devices that you simply must address as your spa gets more aged . Almost all troubles as well as breakdowns usually are due to the following reasons

1. water chemistry

2. Failing to early on recognize symptoms that the pump motor is breaking.

What do I mean with that? Inside the water pump in between the “dry end” of the water pump, the electric motor, and the “wet end” of the pump motor, is a very little ceramic seal. That seal is immersed in water all the time. And as such it is therefore susceptible to the particular condition of the jacuzzi water.

In the event the jacuzzi water out of “wack” (below 7.0 pH) the acid in the actual water definitely will begin to corrode. And in the event that this particular scenario continues without being detected the seal will develop a little leak. That leak is likely to be a trickle at first and very difficult to detect.

Eventually you will start to see a small steady steady flow of water show up from below the spa This simply means you’ve got problems.

If perhaps you can catch the leak at this phase, the repair of the spa pump will probably consist of basically replacing the seal. The cost will be lower than $250. But, if that this leak is unnoticed, you will probably find yourself in a situation in which water is leaking in to the motor. The motor is going to stop working.

The moral of this particular story is; In cases where you observe a little wetness emerging from below your hot tub. Turn off the spa, and simply call your Spa Repair Company.

What can you as a home owner do on your own to protect yourself from costly spa repairs?

1. Keep an eye on the water pH in the jacuzzi each and every few days. In the event you can’t do that, then retain the services of a Jacuzzi service Company. It will probably help you save lots of money as time goes by.

2. Empty, clean and refill the hot tub at least 2 times per year, more if you use the spa often

3. Retain the services of a spa service business. They will visit you once a year and undertake a preventative routine maintenance checkup. This will cost you under $200, however it is money well spent.

Hot tub Service

Warning signs to look closely at;

1. Tiny drip of water coming out from below the spa.

2. The actual sound from the pump is not normal

3. The water coming out of the jetsis not as strong as usual

Make sure to check your spa weekly. Spa repairs will probably easily turn out to be very costly

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