Spread Betting Bonuses and Offers – Make Sure You Know what you are Getting!

By karlvcohen on January 22, 2011 In Currency Trading

Nowadays, many spread betting providers offer all kinds of bonuses and offers to prospective visitors. Capital spreads is something that you may firstly stumble upon. Extra credits worth 100 pounds are given for new customers who open a first-time account at the company. As long as the spread betting account is funded with 250 pounds and there are 5 opening trades in non-equity trades placed with Capital Spreads, you stand to get the top-up offer as well. On fulfilling the terms listed above and alerting the customer support team, the company is fairly quick to credit the account of the clients.

The second offer that spread traders may find appealing in the financial spread betting market is the WorldSpreads’ one. This consists of 300 pounds in cash back offered for new clients who open a first-time account at the company. In order to qualify for the bonus, investors and traders need to fund the spread betting account with about 500 pounds and if they do not realise profits after 8 weeks, they would be eligible to up to 300 pounds in cash back for the realized losses. One point worth noting is that WorldSpreads has always been the home of the 1 point spread and now it has started offering 0 point spreads on some markets as well.

Taking advantage of the offer from ETX Capital as well is what some people may want. 250 pounds of cash back after joining the company is what they can receive. The offer lasts for about 10 business days starting from the date you are you initially sent notification of your account opening. At the end of the 10 day period, any net losses you may have incurred on closed and settled bets will be refunded, up to a limit of GBP250. ETX Capital is sometimes dubbed as the new IG Index; the platform in its early days was a bit clunky to use but they’ve improved so much in the last few years that it is now one of the best platforms out there. ETX Capital doesn’t offer a demo account so beginners are unable to test their platform out without making a deposit, and that is the only problem with it.

In conclusion, be it a bonus or offer or educational content and eligibility for extra perks or spread cashback, almost all providers now offer some kind of sign-up incentive, but the spread trader has to be wary because the best offer may not be the most advantageous one in the long term. For being able to withdraw the monies there are a couple of terms and conditions which you have to honour, although an extra bonus or free money is nice to be offered. Remember, that those spread trading companies don’t give out bonuses to make a loss; they want your custom and your objective at the end of the day is to find out a company that is able to give you good execution at competitive spreads and margins (don’t get blinded by bonus offers!).

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