Strategy Outline 1

By lewisbarrs on January 21, 2011 In Web Design

I hope these points in this article will help some readers to promote their website better and gain higher conversion rates. There are some crucial things to be aware of when trying to convert sales.


It is mainly more valuable to open with something that drives visitors towards you rather than something that frightens visitors off. It is a known fact that when a customer feels at home they will be more inclined to buy from you. So peaceful colours and a soft design will help the visitor to relax.

Then at the outset you need to get their attention. Without a visitors attention, you can hardly assure them to buy anything. You can get a visitors attention in many ways. A proven way of getting their attention is to surprise them.

When you are speaking to them, the first few seconds are highly important as they will listen most then as you have their attention. They will then very quickly decide whether your website is worth giving further time and attention. Don’t waste these precious moments on niceties. Grab the visitors attention at once with your sales pitch.

Good opening lines address the visitors problems and commence with such openings as:

Have you ever?
Are you noticing?
Can you see?

Make clear to the customer just what your website can do for them: i.e. If they are looking for SEO you open with: You need to be placed on page 1 for Google. Explain why they need to be on this page, i.e. Explain that statistics show only 1% of traffic to your specified keywords will go onto page 2, and then virtually none will hit page 3. This will give them a sense of urgency and a call to action. You can do this gently by adding into the conversation something like:

Have you noticed that the statistics…
Have you ever wondered what the conversion rate for traffic on the web to your competition on page 1 is…

If you use these channels immediately and when you have the visitors attention you will have a much greater chance of converting those visitors into potential customers. These essential points can be used across the board and not just on your website and they are a tried and tested formula in the sales industry.

Always be sure to follow up these initial methods with a highly visible call to action. This could be a Buy Now button or an enquiry form. You have to provide the visitor and potential client with something with which they can act on immediately. A strategically placed Buy Now button placed next to some good sales text will do wonders for the conversion rate on your website.

Lewis Barrs web design expert working inconjunction with Deep Space Design.