Stronger Than Before Sun Country Airlines Returns

By DirkHambridge on January 20, 2011 In Home Business

It is very hard for any airline to stay competitive, and the smaller companies like Sun Country Airlines have had to go above and beyond. When you have a business like Sun Country in a highly competitive industry, then you do what is necessary to stay afloat and profitable. Yes, we all know that it is very challenging for any small regional carrier to stay profitable and flying. However they are in the early stages of bankruptcy reorganization as of December 2010. Indeed, it is a positive sign that a reorganization plan was approved by all parties involved. Sun Country has a strong track record which is evidenced by all the national and international service awards they have received.

Much about Sun Country Airlines is fairly typical of many airlines because they all operate pretty close to the bone. This airline became an fully operational airliner in 1999. Unfortunately that was a very difficult time for all airlines, and then to make matters worse they were embroiled in price wars with each other. Very soon they had lost a great of money, something like 60 million when entering 2000.

The governments grounding of all flights after September 11th 2001 sealed the fate of the airline. By early December, just a few short months later, the company ceased scheduled operations, and everything came to a grinding halt very shortly thereafter.

Sun Country Airlines got its start by former Braniff Airlines employees in 1982 after the latter went under. They simply wanted to start their own airline which they did thanks to the support of Minneapolis/St. Paul businessmen. After they opened for business, they were only flying scheduled to Las Vegas Nevada. They brokered a deal with a local travel agency to book flights to the gambling mecca. That was a basic plan and profitable approach because they became profitable in less than two months.

Sun Country Airlines has had a program in place, although launched not too long ago, called Sun Country Vacations. What that program does is offer an even higher degree of efficiency and booking convenience. The way it works is their customers can take care of absolutely everything need to book in one complete transaction. You can lease or charter an aircraft through their Sun Country Charter service.

There is no denying that Sun Country Airlines has a colorful and solid history in the aviation industry.

It would be different if they were not able to walk the talk, but they do and do it very well. That was the vision of the people who started this airline. So here they are, thirty years later and they are still living the dream that started with on flight to one city.

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