Sun Country Airlines Is A Tale of Courage And Success

By DirkHambridge on January 21, 2011 In Home Business

When you take a look at the history of Sun Country Airlines, it is reminiscent of the move Rocky. When you have a business like Sun Country in a highly competitive industry, then you do what is necessary to stay afloat and profitable. Yes, we all know that it is very challenging for any small regional carrier to stay profitable and flying. In December of 2010, Sun Country Airlines entered into a reorganization plan due to bankruptcy – but that does not mean they are out of business. Just in case you do not know, the fact they were allowed to reorganize is a very positive sign that they are considered to be viable. This airline is different in many respects due to their global recognition for providing excellent service.

Sun Country Airlines was in their heyday during the early 90s. The hit all time earnings of $10 million in annual revenue. They had twice as many aircraft in their fleet as well as employees. But that was no accident because the company was being steered by highly experienced aviation and airline professionals. They had managed to acquire scheduled destinations to Europe, and then they added special chartered business to the Middle East. All the while they remained committed to doing more and going farther to earn the trust and praise of their customers – the passengers.

Sun Country Airlines got its start by former Braniff Airlines employees in 1982 after the latter went under. They simply wanted to start their own airline which they did thanks to the support of Minneapolis/St. Paul businessmen. After they opened for business, they were only flying scheduled to Las Vegas Nevada. They brokered a deal with a local travel agency to book flights to the gambling mecca. That was a basic plan and profitable approach because they became profitable in less than two months.

Sun Country Airlines has had a program in place, although launched not too long ago, called Sun Country Vacations. What that program does is offer an even higher degree of efficiency and booking convenience. So instead of making a number of separate transactions for different needs like hotel, car, air fare – it can all be done in one single transaction. Then we come to Sun Country Charters which is simply a service for organizations that want to charter or even lease aircraft.

The story of Sun Country Airlines is a lot like any story of the American dream of building something good. It emerged from a larger airline that went under, Braniff Airways. Sun Country Airlines really does read like a book because it has all the elements of a good book. Sun Country Airlines has been the recipient of international awards, even though they are considered a smaller regional carrier. Considering all they have been through, we believe Sun Country will come out on top, once again.

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