The Birth Of Bills

By CharlesVienase on January 21, 2011 In Uncategorized

The birth of bills is such a complex and complicated subject. First of all, there are many bills that you definitely must have. So, your heat bill, which you already read about above in the descriptive overview, goes into the “must – have” category. The same goes for electricity, unless you have a giant windmill with a generator or have hooked your treadmill up to your television set!

Speaking of television, that nice salesman at the local mall has offered to let you take home a wide – screen, surround – sound home theatre for a small monthly fee that he says “fits into any budget.” Something like this is a must have, right? Well, no matter how you cut it, the digital revolution doesn’t fit in the “necessity” category, especially if joining the revolution means you can only afford to eat on days that start with the letter T. As Paul so aptly put it “Everything is permissible for me, but not everything is beneficial” (1 Corinthians 6:12). To put things into perspective, ask yourself: How much debt am I willing to take on in order to watch digitally enhanced camera shots of hockey players spitting on the ice? Or figure skaters tripping on a triple loop?

Think about many other luxuries that have caught your eye: you can buy a brand new couch on sale, but if you buy it on credit, you could end up paying twice what it’s worth! Some expenses are not so obviously nonessential luxuries. For instance, hair cuts are a necessity. But how often your locks are shown, how particular or style conscious you are, and where you go to get the job done are all areas that will affect the bottom line at the end of each month. Some people save money by getting their hair done at beauty schools; it may take a little longer and there’s always the fear factor that a practical joker has enrolled that day, but generally you can save a lot of money and help someone learn a trade at the same time! (You may opt to spend more on a professional cut if it’s the day before an important job interview.)

This simple introductory information will definitely help you take an honest look at your present spending habits and mistakes. Then it will greatly help you get where you need to go and also give you usable, commonsense strategies for staying financially healthy. If you currently believe that you have a problem with your spending and finances, you have to start researching, reading, and studying about how to eliminate unnecessary and unneeded habits. Like I said, it is not a hard thing to do. Anyone can do it correctly. You just simply have to start breaking your bad habits and read a lot of good books on these important subjects. I think that information on this profound topic will greatly help anyone, even wealthy people! Please start helping you and your family by learning important information. Thank you for reading!

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