Three Social Video Marketing Guidelines For Even More Exposure

By RobinJahwa on January 21, 2011 In Business

Video marketing is a form of advertising that isn’t used as much as other forms. Use it to get a lot of traffic to any website that you make and utilize the good fortune that it brings. In this article we will be addressing the many kinds of video marketing tips that can help you land targeted visitors. If you want to make money on the Internet, you need to research and study a lot.

Correctly and properly optimized video titles and headlines are critical so they will have a good chance of ranking well in the search engines. What do you notice the first time you see a video? The title. But think about what draws your attention to the video. Yes, once again it is the video title. It’s the title that anyone ever has anything to go on, so that’s what people base their decision on. So the way you word your title has a lot to do with the number of views it gets. Not everyone who watches your video will visit your site, so if you only get a few views then that means very little to probably no traffic. A good, proven way to create an effective title is insert the main benefits into it. A title with a strong benefit will allow the viewer to immediately get a good idea if it’s worth their time to watch. Short, powerful, to the point will get the job done. Just remember that all of your vidoes are important and each one needs to have a winning title. If you’re filming yourself, then it will only be smart to have things planned out before you record. You’ll do best to write a brief and general outline of the major points you want to hit in your video, and then just talk from them. Your demeanor in the video will appear much more down to earth if you’re not trying to remember something you memorized, plus it will take the strain off of you. Once you’re filming the video, your content will just flow smoothly, and you’ll seem just like your audience which is what you want, actually. There’s a curious kind of transference that happens, and your viewers can begin feeling what you’re feeling in the video. Your viewers will like you if you just come off naturally without becoming mechanical. Even if you do get stuck somewhere in between, you can take care of it when editing, so don’t worry too much about it. It’s not hard to make money online when you know what’s to be done.

Many people overlook a simple tip of using the correct thumbnail. While looking through many different kinds of video, the thumbnail and title are the things that will grab a searcher’s attention. If there is an interest in the thumbnail, they will be curious to see the whole video. So remember that your thumbnail must be interesting to your viewer. Think of an interesting picture that best describes your video. You’re not concerned about this image attracting everyone, only your target group. Last, but not least, don’t put a thumbnail on the video that doesn’t match. When viewers see that it was not what was advertised, it will create a negative viewpoint. Finally, video marketing should be viewed as a powerful tool for getting specific exposure at no cost to you.