Top Medicines for Acne

By allanpooh78 on January 20, 2011 In Acne

Are you tired of wiping your face every night with garlic to prevent pimple build up? There are actually different cure for boil and not all of them are primitive. With the latest developments in science, simple cleansers and toners have been developed for skin health. Here are some of the best acne medicine you might encounter today.

Use of Benzoyl Peroxide
This ingredient is the most common thing you’ll find in most cleansers nowadays. It manages to clean out the pores to avoid any bacteria buildup on the skin. But that doesn’t mean that these products are trapped within bottles of cleansers. You’ll find that creams, lotion and soap also contain these materials. Since mild, cleansers containing this ingredient can be used every day, preferably at night. The price is also cheap and easily attainable.

Use of Salicylic Acid
Cleansers are also abundant with salicylic acid. This basically removes dead skin cells that block our pores. This was previously the best ingredient used until peroxide was added. Both are ingredients commonly used in a wide variety of hygiene products.

Drying out the skin is the main thing sulfur does. Hence, this causes the skin to peel. Much like cotton, it sucks out the oil buildup in the skin, thus stunting the growth of pimples. However, sulfur can be a bit smelly for some pimple. There are other who have experiences side effects with sulfur such as redness. When this happens, it is advisable to stop using any product that contains this ingredient.

Use of Resorcinol
One of the top acne medicine today, resorcinol isn’t really something that should be taken automatically. This chemical type can be very strong for the skin, especially when it comes to teenagers. In fact, you’ll find that resorcinol is basically contained in acne creams designed for adults. Aside from being a cure for boils, resorcinol also has various uses.

Try to remember that although effective, these products are still chemicals that may harm your skin. Hence, care is needed when using these materials. Don’t forget to read labels and follow the instructions. Overusing may also do more harm than good. Test for allergies by first applying the material on the inside of your wrist.

What you should know is that when used correctly, these treatments can be very effective. However, if you are experiencing severe acne and those mentioned do not work, then it’s time to consult a dermatologist. Remember that each has different skin needs so you would really need the input of a professional.

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