Top Secrets To Generating Free Electricity

By GregNewman69 on January 21, 2011 In Home Business

Becoming self-sufficient when it comes to the electric needs of your home is more easily accomplished than what most people are led to believe. Thousands of people across the United States, Canada, Australia and the world are happily living off the grid and still enjoying all of the conveniences of modern technology. Because homemade electricity is most commonly created from renewable energy resources, living off the grid will also reduce your carbon footprint as an active step toward environmentalism.

The most popular energy resources in the use of homemade electricity are the sun, the wind, and running water. Each of these resources provides the energy required to move a magnetic turbine generator that sends electricity through a hot line. The hot line can then be attached directly to a circuit or fuze board, or it can feed a bank of batteries, which are then used to power appliances.

Solar Power
The sun is the supreme force of all power, energy, and life on Earth, so it only makes sense to harness that energy for electricity. Solar collection panels are easily put together by anyone with mid-level carpentry skills. Once the collection panels are made, the next step is choosing the perfect location and angle that will give them the maximum exposure to the sun that is possible.

Many people choose to install the solar panels on a rooftop, but sometimes, if an empty field is available, this can be a better location, depending on the cover from nearby trees. A solar-powered electrical system doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, and it will pay for itself in only a few months.

Wind Power
Wind-powered electricity has become more and more popular in the 21st century. All that is required is a windy area and a windmill. Windmills can be made from scratch or be put together as a kit. They can be atop a framed structure, a building, or on a solid metal pole. As the wind is caught in the blades, it turns them, operating the magnetic turbine that generates electricity.

Water Power
Another source of energy for homemade electricity is hydropower. If you have a stream, creek, or river running through your property, a turbine can be placed in the running water so that it constantly turns. All that is necessary is to connect the turbine to a generator and an electric current is instantly created. This is one of the best sources of electricity because it is the most reliable.

Magnetic Power
The latest idea today are using a Magnetic Generator to generate power. These machine actually generate more power than it uses to power itself. I have spent countless hours investigating this theory and so far all seems positive. More feedback will be available soon.

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