Traffic Generating Website Marketing Recommendations For Newbies

By MargaretThomas on January 21, 2011 In Internet and Online Business

Quite a few people earn a comfortable living from internet marketing, and you can as well. Let’s look at some proven ways you can start making money with internet marketing.

The power of networking and establishing beneficial contacts has always existed ever since man first started doing business. It is very true that not all successful online marketers are high profile people. But they do like to associate with other marketers, and that’s why you can sometimes find them in online internet marketing forums. One good approach is to avoid being pushy about it; besides, they’ve run into enough people and it’s unlikely you’ll do anything they haven’t seen before. It’s important to avoid being obnoxious or demanding of their time and expertise. Actually, there is nothing unusual at all for people to ask for help in the main areas of a forum. The Warrior Forum is a popular marketing forum, and people post questions all the time looking for help and suggestions. Who knows, in time you may be able to engage in a joint venture deal, and that happens all the time. So really there are a lot of good reasons to network and make contacts, so don’t immediately dismiss the idea. Think of it as a long-term strategy because if you can become good friends with them then things can change. If you are daring, there’s nothing stopping you from making your intentions know to them. More than leveraging them at first, you should try to know them without anything in return. This gesture will be seen as a friendly one and will go a long way.

Press releases have long been known to be able to generate highly targeted traffic when they are written properly. Actually, for many years the more savvy and experienced marketer has been quietly using this method to send traffic to newly released websites or products. There’s quite a range of services available from the many press release websites that deal with distribution. There are a lot of distribution websites that will review your site for correct PR format as well as to see if you’re just promoting your site or have actual news about your business. What you’ll be doing with your PR is announcing some news worthy of note, and it will get noticed by your market and produce traffic.

If you are not currently using video in your marketing, you’re dropping the ball and losing ground. Using video for targeted traffic generation is the smart thing to do, hands down. It’s something that really need not be explained to any marketer. These internet marketing tips have been proven to be effective and make people a lot of money, but the thing about it is they moved forward and kept trying until they made it.

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