Weight Loss Basic Program

By jossiejett on January 20, 2011 In Weight Loss

A weight loss program may be one of the most important choices you make in your life. There are many ways to lose weight, but not all of them are healthy. A good weight loss program will not only be a healthy decision, but can save your life. Here are some tips to help you lose weight for health.

First of all, you have to change your thinking about weight, calories andfood. Calories are not created equal and simply cutting the amount of calories you eat will not always help you lose weight. Think about it, food can be three hundred calories of fat or three hundred energy packets of muscle building protein.

Be sure to start with a healthy diet of fresh, whole foods that contain nutrients that your body can assimilate. Your body will use these nutrients in various ways. Some nutrients help your liver metabolize bad fats and get rid of them. Other nutrients can actually help your lymphatic system move waste (excess weight) out of your body. Here is why it is best to avoid processed foods…

Foods that contain excessive chemicals such as fake sweeteners, fake fats, flavor enhancers, fillers and additives are not beneficial to your body. Because they are found in so many foods, eventually your fat tissue becomes a store house for these unnatural substances. To make things worse, some of these can interfere with hormone function, cause unexplained weight gain and uncontrollable appetite.

The next tip is to think about the excess weight that is on your body. This is a build up of waste. It is called waste because your body does not need it. This brings up our next new way of thinking about weight loss.

Your body body cannot eliminate everything on its own. If it could, you would be able to eat anything you want because the calories, fat and anything else you don’t need will be eliminated. But we know this is not true.

We all know that when we eat too much on a regular basis, our bodies do not get rid of it all. Instead, we gain weight. The more you overeat, the more weight you put on because your body is not getting rid of the excess. This is because at some point your body became incapable of eliminating everything. So what is one to do?

A weight loss cleanse can help you eliminate built up waste. If you have visible excess fat on your body, you have internal build up,too, such as hormone-interfering chemicals, pollutants and intestinal buildup. A cleanse can help you eliminate this, allowing the excess waste to leave your entire body. This frees your organs and allows your body to do their daily functions it is supposed to do, like metabolize and shed the bad fat.

Many of us have been conditioned to believe that you must only eat better to lose weight. If it were that easy, more of us would be able to do it. Instead, the opposite has happened as we seem to become smarter about health. Obesity and excess weight have become epidemic but no one seems to know why.

While we believe we only must eat fewer calories, science is proving that environmental toxins are linked to sluggish thyroid, interfere with appetite, and even lead to disease. As scientists study the effects of these environmental toxins, they are finding them stored in adipose tissue.

Some studies have indicated weight loss is harder because the toxins are resistant to our bodies attempts to break them down. Other studies lead scientists to believe the toxins leaving are more harmful if the body’s ability to remove them is hindered.

A body cleanse incorporates foods and food supplements such as fiber and dark green food supplements. Both of these absorb toxins and help them leave your body. Fiber supplements are highly efficient at clearing built up internal waste.

Check out a weight loss cleanse if you have had a difficult time in the past. Research and learn what works and don’t rely on pamphlets from a supplement package. You may find better health, more energy and a stronger immune system in the process.

Start losing weight now with a weight loss cleanse. If you have never cleansed before, start with a body cleanse, which will help you lose fat, lose weight and feel better.

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