What You May Not Be Aware About Tinnitus Causes

By ricswason on January 22, 2011 In Health and Beauty

The causes of tinnitus are many and varied; some of them are mild while others are a disaster leaving wounds of distress in the form of complete loss of hearing. In old age it forms part of the old man syndrome behavior where one may become an irritant as a result of poor hearing because of tired nerves. This may easily be explained and understood; but when it comes to the young generation, it is a very awkward situation. The world has gone on rampage; noise is all over; byproducts of technology one of them is noise which has become a pollutant to a dangerous level. While technology is there to tame noise, little is being done about it by those entrusted with this responsibility. Commerce has overtaken health; people’s health is a liability and for as long as nothing is of economic sense, it is not an issue. Good health has stopped being an asset; those in charge would rather have more people ill than in good shape because poor health means some money might come in. However not all situations are in the habit of generating noise; and for others it is not their wish to do that. Factory workers are encouraged to wear ear muffins and ear plugs; while this may only be a plain prescription, the owners of such institutions are actually suppose to provide as a matter of principle. This is one of the rights of the workers and must be enforced as one way towards achieving good health protection.

The ear in brief is made of the outer, middle and inner parts; and it is the inner part, which release the auditory nerve that transmits signals to the brain that matter in this discussion. It is the cochlea, spiral in nature that is attached to these nerves; and it is this tube that receives the heaviest beating when it comes to receiving of damaging noise signals. Science tells us that out of this failure to transmit signals to the brain, the brain alone is capable of generating its own sounds as a mark up to this loss which actually becomes the ringing sounds a victim hears. There are other very likely identifiable causes of this problem that have been isolated; in brief these include:

1. A high capacity of ear wax that builds up with time and may be in the circumstances of the patient, it has not been possible to clean.
2. Infection of the middle part of the ear ( otitis media)
3. A glued ear completely obstructed by heavy infection.
4. Meniere’s disease – this makes the victim lose balance completely because the labyrinth is damaged.
5. Anemic situations where the red blood cells become too low in numbers and during blood flow sound is produced.
6. A damaged eardrum

Aggravators of this problem are many and should be avoided by all means; these are caffeine, high salt containing food, nicotine, stress and many other impulses that come along in today’s rat race competitive environment we are now living in.

Everybody take up your role and delete stress from your timetables.

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