What you need to know about the Linksys WAG160N

By ahmedmohamed on January 23, 2011 In Computers

The Linksys WAG160N router offers a wireless connectivity for your private networks and house. This wireless modem router ADSL2+ is designed to provide an optimal speed and high bandwidth, which make it possible to many users to reach Internet, to transfer from the bulky files, to print and diffuse multi-media contents, the whole simultaneously and using you wireless network. Linksys Router’s modem ADSL2+ high flow integrated offers a connection to the Internet permanently and fast. This Linksys router is easy to use and install.
Speed and the bandwidth of the Linksys wireless N router, and the most advanced wireless technology of the moment, make the wireless router possible to several users to easily divide files, printing operations along with their access to Internet. Profit simultaneously, with a negligible deterioration of the performances and a reduced shift, activities making an intensive use of multi-media as the plays, the videos and VoIP. You profit from a greater speed by connecting peripherals to the Linksys wireless router WAG160N. However, technology is entirely compatible with the wireless products support the wireless standards G and B.
The Linksys wireless router WAG160N allows a reliable cover in the entire house. The wireless technology MIMO (Multiple In, Multiple Out) exploits the reflexions of signals, which scramble traditional wireless technologies to increase the cover and to reduce the inaccessible zones.

The Linksys wireless router WAG160N provides advanced wireless safety and has a built-in firewall SPI, which are designed to protect your domestic network and your computers from the majority of attacks coming from the Internet.

With four ports Ethernet 10/100, The Linksys wireless router WAG160N enables you to connect printers, discs of storage and other Ethernet peripherals with your network so that you can reach and share them through your wireless network from any part of your house. No more need to install additional cables or to wait your turn to use the computer.

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