Why Do Some Forex Educators Charge So Much Money?

By KyleWatson on January 22, 2011 In Arts and Entertainment

Hello fellow traders, no matter where you are in your journey to become a professional Forex trader, you must always do your best to make the correct choices when it comes to the Forex companies that you do business with. All the way from your choice of a Forex broker, to your choice of Forex training and education – each decision should be carefully analyzed and weighed out, just as you would for each currency trade that you enter.

We all know that over the years, the Forex market has been growing rapidly. As of April 2010, the report from the Bank for International Settlements states that the average DAILY transaction volume of the Forex market is approximately US $4 trillion. What a astounding number! The Forex marketplace obviously represents one of the most accessible financial markets in which you and other retail investors may venture and become successful. But, keep in mind, that the road to success won’t be easy. You may, and probably will, hit a few bumps in the road along your journey. That is why we are here to accompany you, trying to relate our experiences over the years, helping you avoid the common pitfalls that are waiting for you, and preparing you to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals.

One of the requirements to be a successful trader in the Forex realm is a good education. It’s true for other businesses and our life as well. Learning is a must. Venturing into the gigantic, fast-paced financial market without first equipping yourself with a premium Forex education is a guarantee that soon you’ll get hurt. Realize that patience and discipline will be required before the sweet rewards of success can be enjoyed. The very first thing you must invest in is a Forex education. Invest your time to become an educated and well trained trader before investing your money.

You can easily find many Forex Education and Training companies out there offering a variety of educational materials, from basics to advanced classes. The majority of these are clearly illegitimate scams, attempting to sell some re-hashed free material as a “secret strategy” or “breakthough indicator”. The small minority of these educators that actually provide an acceptable education are charging enormous fees, in the thousands of dollars, for the privilege of participating in their program. Without a doubt, such high a educational fee is not affordable for many retail investors, especially for novice traders.

Why do some Forex Educators charge so much money? To answer this question we should take some time and understand the business model behind these companies. These Forex Educators have structured their businesses in such a way that they have an enormous number of expenses. For example, most of them are paying for multiple offices, instructors, administrative staff, phone staff, sales staff, and tech support staff. They are paying for glamorous booths at all the trading expos, and footing the bill for their sales staff to travel to those expos all over the world. Many of them are advertising on CNBC, Fox Business, and high profile trading publications and websites. And all of these expenses must be met somehow, yes?? And that’s where you, the aspiring trader comes into the equation.

Yes, you dear trader, are very important to that equation, for it’s your LARGE deposit of funds that’s required to keep this mammoth machine running. And, do you think that these companies have such a superior education that it warrants such a ridiculous price? Of course not!! Just because they have such large organizations, and spend so much money attracting starry eyed traders like yourself, doesn’t mean that they are good traders themselves, or that they are able to turn you into a professional trader. In fact, because they have so many expenses to meet, it logically follows that after you’ve paid and been through the training, they must immediately turn their attention away from you in order to keep signing in a new crop of wannabe traders to pay the bills.

So, why are we different? Are you wondering what “the catch” is? The answer is that there is none. Our goal, simply, is to debunk the idea that Professional Forex Education needs to be expensive. We intend on becoming the premiere Forex Education and Training Resource on the Internet, and we’re quite sure that those companies who rely on tempting traders like you to pony up these exorbitant fees will be very upset that we are providing an education that is better than theirs, for far less money.

The difference with the way that we operate is that we’ve built this business from the ground up with you, the aspiring Forex trader, in mind. We’ve designed our business model and education delivery method in such a way that we’ve been able to keep the training costs low, without sacrificing in any way the quality of education that we offer.

We don’t have high salaried “salesmen” who travel all over the globe to trading conferences and expos trying to hock their wares with personality and flashy smiles. We don’t maintain swanky offices in multiple cities in an attempt to appear bigger and “better” than the next guy. You won’t find us advertising on CNBC or Fox Business!… all of those considerable costs are invariably passed on to the consumer, which in this case, is you!

Isn’t it obvious to even the most casual observer, that these types of companies must be, by necessity, chiefly focused on acquiring more trainees to pay the inordinate costs for their offered education, instead of focusing on training successful traders. Because their costs of business are so enormous, they must continually beat the bushes to convince new students that their education is worth the high price tag, when in reality, the only reason they have to charge such enormous amounts of money is that they have to cover the costs of their massive operational and advertising budget.

Our cutting edge concept was to streamline FXBattleground.com in such a way that we are able to operate in a highly efficient manner that allows us to provide a premium quality Forex Education & Training Course for a small fraction of what the others charge.

Still not sure? We can’t blame you! There are so many Forex scams out on the Net.

The bottom line is that we are a 100% legitimate company and we stand behind our product. And, along with our education, we offer you, the trader, so many extras and bonuses, that you have very little to lose by giving us a try. We’re not asking you to jump off a cliff and send us four thousand or six thousand dollars. We have worked very hard to provide this opportunity to you for a mere $299.00. One Price. One Time. Lifetime.

We at FXBattleground.com have witnessed and heard many horror stories concerning the educational “choices” on the market today, and to be truthful, we’ve certainly not been impressed. Our mission is to present an aspiring Forex trader with an extremely affordable training program that constitutes a Cutting Edge Paradigm in Forex Education. What we offer is truly dynamic, professional Forex instruction, tools and tactics that deliver a huge value when compared with whatever else is out there. If you are looking at becoming a trader in the Forex market, we simply ask that you honestly evaluate what we have to offer. Visit our site at: http://www.FXBattleground.com