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By TheSchwartz on January 11, 2011 In Law

When shopping for a home turns into more of a real concept to you than a mere dream, you should grasp the truth that there can be things that you’ll have to deal with than merely going to an architect and showing him/her your planned designs. You will have to contemplate the land and the house on a separate note. You could even want to consider whether you’ll turn out to be a leaseholder or a freeholder, whereby you’ll need to pay freehold ground rent.
When you think about yourself a freeholder, you’ll pay freehold ground rent for the constructing and the land, versus a leaseholder, where you’ll pay for the house alone, and never the land. This means that as a freeholder, you will have rights not only for the building however for land as well, giving you autonomy on whatever you choose to do with it.
One shortcoming with being a freeholder is that you just, as the one who has rights for the land and the building, might be responsible for any repair costs for the constructing and the land. In case you have other leaseholders, you may share with the bills for damages with the land owner. This can be true, but the truth that you should have authority over the changes that may transpire on the land everytime you selected will be far better than not having a say about what to do.
Great issues come with even better responsibility. For this reason when you’ve got the rights to both the land and the constructing, you’ll be responsible for all the pieces on it. This is why paying freehold ground rent is most popular by many as compared to being a leaseholder. Maybe after securing your proper as a freeholder, solely then should you choose the fitting architect on your dream home.
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