Why you should purchase a breathalyzer

By BrunauEric on January 23, 2011 In Shopping

Numerous persons who consider themselves avid drinkers often find themselves asking if it is safe for them to be driving. So whether it is for your own safety or for the safety of others around you, getting an alcohol breathalyzer will do its part in keeping you out of trouble and everyone else out of harm’s way. If you or someone you know is considering ordering one, well here are 3 reasons to acquire an alcohol testers.

It is a law that has been adopted in every U. S. State which says that driving with an intoxication level of more than 0.08% is illegal. When you had a few drinks and want to know if you can safely drive, you can simply pull out your own personal digital alcohol tester and exactly measure how much alcohol is in your system.

Having your own alcohol analyzer would also lower your chances of endangering your own life. Many folks think that everybody gets drunk with the same consumption of alcohol. The truth is, it all depends on your age, weight, and the amount that you typically consume. For this reason it is unsafe to assume that you are not drunk and that your driving will not be affected by the amount of alcohol you just drank. Driving even while you are buzzed greatly increases your chances of getting into a fatal car accident.

One of the most important reasons to get your own alcohol breathalyzer is to prevent yourself from endangering the lives of other persons. There is no worse feeling than knowing that you are responsible to death of somebody’s loved one because you made the foolish decision to drive while under the influence of alcohol. Statistics show that on average every 45 minutes, another person is killed by a drunk driver.

It doesn’t really matter if you assume you can tell whether it is safe for you to drive or not, the only way to be fully assured in knowing this, is to have your own breath analyzer at hand to take a test. By knowing your blood-alcohol content, you can be fully assured that you are not driving while over the legal intoxication limit. But most importantly, you will lower your chances of hurting not only yourself, but anybody else crossing your road.

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