WoW AH Tips

By MikeMcwilsen on January 23, 2011 In Computer Games

Here are several of my strategies for wow money making with the auction house.

Those with the tailoring profession receive a great deal of cloth out of dungeons consequently any kind of extras you’ve got merely turn them into cloth bolts. Additionally the dreamcloths I change to powerful enchanted spellthread that sell for 700g currently.

Skinners head over to Tol Barad for the crocodiles. Herbalism is good to have here likewise. Presently in around 20 minutes I receive 25 whiptail and 60 savage leather. Whip tails tend to be close to 8g each and the savage leather to sell large amounts properly I get a leatherworker to turn it into heavy savage leather and after that go shop for pristine hides which usually sell for 400g. I sold three inside of one hour so good way to get rid of leather.

Fishing bot. Mrfishit is wonderful. Striped lurker and highland guppy do not truly sell very fast or for too much. Deepbelly mudfish and lavascale catfish tend to be erratic (cook the deepbelly into the parry stam foodstuff) so dont bother with these. The preferred fish are fathom eel and deepsea sagefish fished off the coast of Uldum. Cook the deepsea sagefish into the 90 int 90 stamina food and you will sell out in a single day since healers are the only folks who use buffing items. The fathom eel are less erratic than the other fish and I can generally get 50ish gold pieces a stack for them and sell off 10 or so stacks in a day. The best seller though is unstable water. In six hours I can usually fish up about 145 of these and sell these from 7-8g each and I can sell near to 300 of those each day.

The fishing alone has made me about 20k this week. Best of luck if you’d like to try all these wow money making suggestions out.

The writer has more tips and hints and tutorials on his personal website . Have a look should you be intrigued or would like to read more ways to generate gold from World of Warcraft.