Alan Cowgill

How to easily collect on tenants debt

Collecting payment is one of the toughest parts of any business. I want to tell you how I handle it, what has worked, where I am today and what I recommend for this often complicated task.

Somebody owes you money. They were living in one of your units or one of your houses. Read More »

My SEC attorney has all the answers for real estate investors

Securities and Exchange Commission laws and regulations can seem mind-boggling. It often takes a specialist to make sense of them. One individual who has figured them out to the point where he can explain them well to other people is Ralph Sherman, who works for me as my SEC attorney.

Ralph teaches his students how to borrow money from private lenders in compliance with state and federal SEC laws and regulations. Read More »

In a tight real estate market

In today’s economy-the worst economy since the Great Depression-you might be wondering if buying and selling investment properties is still a profitable venture. Thankfully it is, especially if you do a great deal of advance planning. But it all begins with advertising. In a tight real estate market, you may be reluctant to spend money on advertising. Read More »

What is a real estate land trust?

In the real estate business, there are any number of ways that you can turn a profit from buying and selling investment properties. Whether the deal is wholesale or retail, land contract or lease-to-own, there are many methods one can pursue in order to make money. Which strategy is pursued often depends on the particular needs of individual buyers.

Many people struggle with the concept of land trust because they do not understand it. Read More »

With female buyers, use plumbing to up the WOW effect

Good plumbing is obviously an important point when selling real estate. If your home has plumbing problems, you will have difficulty getting top dollar for it. Therefore, it’s highly important that you work with a good plumbing contractor to ensure that the plumbing in any investment property you sell is in tip-top shape.

For the most part, the value of the individual house will determine what kind of plumbing fixtures you put into it. Read More »

What are qualified tenants?

Potential tenant buyers need to be handled with care. In order to ensure
that you get quality people, you need to do your research. That begins with a credit check.

A company can pay for a service that permits a credit check right in the office. Read More »

Use advertising to generate short sale leads

Companies that are in the house buying market may pursue a number of different options to secure a wide variety of investment properties. Certainly, one of the most critical keys to deal-making is advertising.

Interestingly enough, My experience has shown that different types of advertising attract different types of homeowners. For instance, some homeowners may be prompted to call because of a Yellow Pages ad. Read More »

Time saving ideas when buying houses

It’s a problem faced by a number of individuals and companies involved in real estate-not buying enough houses to make the business worthwhile. A company might have a massive amount of private lender money, but the owner might not have the time to purchase properties. The real estate experts say there are a number of secrets to dealing with this problem:

Secret #1: Delegate!

You might feel as if you want to retain control of the property buying process. Read More »

Buying and selling houses is largely a numbers game

Buying and selling investment properties is largely a numbers game. That’s certainly true when you’re talking about placing tenant buyers in your houses. Your success greatly depends on the strength of the numbers you work with. In other words, the numbers can either make you or break you. Read More »

It pays to advertise when buying investment properties

A famous old saying states, ‘It pays to advertise.’ That is certainly true when it comes to buying and selling investment properties.

Veteran house-buyers use a variety of methods for letting homeowners know they’re in the market for houses. Certainly, ads in Yellow Pages phone directories can be quite helpful in getting the word out. Read More »