More About Severe Cystic Acne

Severe cystic acne or nodular acne is one of the most frustrating skin diseases characterized by large lesions scattered all over a person’s face and may sometimes extend to the back. Due to severe cystic acne, some pimples grow into several centimeters in diameter. For most, the condition is not only embarrassing but extremely frustrating to remove.

Causes of cystic acne are not really clear although it’s obvious that they penetrate far deeper on the skin. It’s possible that their main cause is the same as mild acne breakouts which is hormonal changes. However, the factor that contributes to the development of cystic acne falls down on genetics. Be prepared for any eventuality if one of your parents had this condition.

Because of its severity, those who have severe cystic acne are not recommended to fix the problem alone. Of course, the best course of action would always be asking the opinion of a professional. However, don’t lose hope. No matter how bad it looks, there are still some options that can help you with the pimples and possible scarring.

Treatment for Cystic Acne

A widely used drug for cystic acne is Accutane (Isotretinion) which significantly lowers the symptoms of cystic acne. However, the drugs may only be taken udders strict supervision since they can cause dangerous effects. Side effects include depression and even suicidal thoughts in most people. However, in relation to cystic acne, the treatment works well and is capable of controlling the amount of bacteria festering on the skin.

A gel type of treatment is Retin-A which is applied directly to the skin. Upon application, the gel causes a burning sensation that fades away quickly, hence allowing for the once a day usage limit. Same as isotretinion; Retin-A is very strong in itself and its use must be carefully monitored. When used together with oral medication, it can clear up cystic acne pretty fast.

Some dermatologists opt for intralesional corticosteroid injections which are injected directly to the skin to minimize the swelling. This basically reduces the inflammation of the cyst to alleviate the level of discomfort.

Controlling Severe Cystic Acne
Much like conventional acne, cystic acne must not be further irritate by constant touching, make-up, harsh soap, stress, dirt exposure or lack of sleep. Once on medication, it is recommended that patients also make sure that their lesions are kept from possible acne triggers.

Of course, some options are natural yet take longer to be effective. However, as mentioned above, causes of cystic acne are complicated and thus would require a more complex solution. Your dermatologist’s advices should also be followed to the letter. Early treatment of the condition might be able to prevent scarring in the long run so once you notice that the lesions are getting bigger, do not hesitate to consult a professional. Scarring in itself requires a whole new set of treatments and is harder to remove than the acne itself.

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Causes of Rosacea
Causes of Rosacea

How to Get Rid of Blackheads

Although not as alarming as pimples, blackheads are still capable of ruining a perfectly good complexion. But what exactly are blackheads? For most people, they are those small black spots usually scattered on a person’s t-zone. However, what most people don’t know is that blackheads are a variation of acne vulgaris or what is commonly referred to as acne.

Open comedones is the most used name for them, scientifically speaking. The condition is a result of an accumulation of oil in the sebaceous gland ducts. It is referred to as “open” because there is a large entrance to the skin surface, allowing air to reach it so that oxidation takes place, giving it its “black” color. In contrast, whiteheads are close comedones, meaning the entrance for air is closed thus preventing oxidation.

How to Get Rid of Blackheads
If you want to learn how to remove blackheads, then understand first that it’s not necessary to remove them. In fact, the body is perfectly capable of removing it given time. However, if you want fast results, then there are various methods that you can adapt.

Like I said, blackheads can also be classified as acne. Hence, acne medications are equally suited for the purpose. Try using a mild cleanser or salicylic acid to get rid of the problem.

Blackheads Strip
One of the most popular methods of how to remove blackheads is by using strips that are plastered on the nose. This method is actually a very common choice because not only is it effective, it’s also very fast. The whole process takes about ten minutes to finish and manages to remove most of the unsightly blackheads off. Doing so at least once a week will not only help remove the blackheads but might also ultimately tighten the opening of the pores.

Sun Exposure
One thing you might not know is that the sun can help remove blackheads. The sun in itself promotes the peeling of the skin, thus removing possible blockages in the pores and ultimately the blackheads themselves. Keep in mind that the keyword here is moderation.

Squeezing Blackheads
Those who bother to learn how to get rid of blackheads are perfectly aware that like pimples, blackheads must not be popped or squeezed. As mentioned, the body is fully capable of flushing them out of the system so there’s really no need to speed up the process of their removal. However, you might find that popping blackheads will only cause additional irritation to the skin, spreading the bacteria and thus leaving room for more complexion problems.

If you really are determined to pop blackheads, then I recommend that you use a blackhead extractor which allows for a more efficient removal of blackheads. The use of fingers is also possible although you will want to wash your hands first as well as steam your face to soften the blockage in your pores.

Keep in mind that the blackheads you should remove are the ones that are ready to pop and be removed. Otherwise, you will be making a bigger problem than fixing one.

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Homemade Acne Cream
Best Acne Medicine

Natural Acne Treatment

Currently, there are various acne treatments available on the market, ranging from laser treatments, facilitating skin regeneration, pills and the traditional creams and cleansers. However, what most people seem to forget is that there are equally effective natural acne remedies that are definitely better for your wallet. Following are natural acne treatment options you can use.

Fresh Garlic
Yes, you read it right. Fresh garlic is actually an excellent way to control acne and remove pimples without them leaving a mark. Just rub the garlic on the pimples every day until the pimple is removed. Of course, you might not like the smell of garlic on your skin but the result is definitely going to be worth it.

Honey and Cinnamon
A mixture of honey and cinnamon combined until pasty in texture should be applied to the skin prior to sleeping. When the next day rolls in, you can wash it off using warm water. When done solidly for more than two weeks, the pimples would gradually disappear, leaving no trace of scar behind to mark the skin.

Baking Soda
Some people also recommend a mixture of baking soda and water applied on the face. You can apply this mixture on your face as often as you like. Eventually, the combination of the two dries the skin, absorbing excess oil and thus preventing the emergence of new pimple and drying out existing ones.

Tea Tree Oil
One of the most common natural acne remedies is the use of tea tree oil on the skin. Deftly use a q-tip to dab on the pimple before falling to sleep and it will be able to dry out the irritation overnight. You can also use virgin coconut oil for this purpose.

Avoid sugar
Sugar has been linked with spikes in hormone which invariably triggers the emergence of pimples. This is the theory behind chocolates as foods that cause acne. In some way, this is true. Too much body sugar levels may cause the body to overproduce hormones that consequently results to a pimple break out. So although indirect, sweets are still capable of affecting your skin.

Avoiding Pimple Break Out Triggers
Natural acne treatment methods are well and good, but keep in mind that the best way to treat acne is learning to avoid it in the first place. So make sure to stay away from late night and bad hygiene since these are possible stressors.

To keep your pimples from spreading, make sure that you don’t touch them with your hands. Popping them to remove the pus would also be a bad idea. The minute that you notice a pimple, it would be better to immediately apply your home remedy so that it won’t get worse.

Try to remember that effectiveness of these remedies is not one hundred percent. Hence, if you are using the methods mentioned above and it is still not working for you, then your best course of action would be to visit your dermatologist for a more professional opinion.

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What Causes Acne
Severe Cystic Acne

How to Remove Acne Scar

Are you having problems when it comes to acne scar removal? Acne scar healing is actually harder than getting rid of the acne themselves. This the reason why pimples are never squeezed lest they leave unsightly scars. However, if you are still noticing unsightly marks on your skin caused by pimples, then you still have a chance of removing them.

The first thing you must realize is that acne scar removal takes longer than pimple removal because the damage is felt by the skin. So your aim here is to promote a faster generation of skin cells . Here are some tips that might help you with your acne scar healing problem.

Lemon and Cucumber
What these two basically do is lighten a person’s skin, allowing the scars to fade. If you still have red marks as a result of a recent pimple problem, then you can simply apply lemon on the surface of your skin for an hour each day and it will facilitate faster healing.

As many people are aware of, water is very good when it comes to removing toxins in the body. By doing this, you will be able to heal your skin from the inside out. Make sure that you get around eight to ten glasses everyday for faster skin regeneration. What you eat would also reflect on your skin so consume more fresh foods and less of those that come in processed packages.

For severe acne scars that cause deep gaps in the skin, it sometimes takes more than a good diet to fix this problem. Technology is now advanced enough to find alternatives when it comes to acne scar removal. However, it can be more expensive than most.

Soft Tissue Fillers
This method of acne scar healing basically revolves around the removal of extra tissues from another part of the body and using them to fill the gap left by acne scars. However, you might find yourself coming back for further sessions since results are temporary. With each session eating up several hundred dollars, soft tissue fillers is not exactly an ideal method.

Laser Scar Treatment
The laser treatment is a newly developed method that seems to be more promising in comparison to the other options. It basically helps regeneration of new skin by destroying the outer layer. A session could eat up around several thousand dollars with results that rank better than other alternatives.

What this does is remove the skin’s top layer. The device used rotates quickly and may cause bleeding after skin removal. After a few days, new flawless skin will emerge without the scars.

Other solutions include products on the market that maybe directly applied to the skin. When applied regularly, these creams basically lighten the skin tone, thus eliminating the obviousness of the scar.

Keep in mind that even after you have managed to heal acne scars, it is important to avoid going through the same situation by learning how to handle pimples properly. Make sure that you get a good hygiene, frequently washing your face to avoid pimples altogether. Once you do have one, make sure that you don’t touch it or pop it before it’s supposed to.

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How to Remove Pimples
How to Stop Acne

How to Remove Pimples

Is pimples one of you major problems? The reasons behind what causes pimples are fairly common knowledge nowadays. However, learning how to get rid of pimples is usually a hit and miss condition, especially for the teenagers nowadays.

Why is that? This is because skin reacts differently with the use of various products or ingredients. There are those whose pimples are triggered by exposure to dirt, lack of sleep, stress, monthly cycle and sometimes even the food we eat are linked. However, that doesn’t mean that you should give up the fight. Following are some alternative remedies on how to get rid of pimples that may interest you in the event that your chosen method doesn’t work.

Natural Methods
Before going for the expensive methods, why don’t you try the cheap ones first? Not only do they work but many have already tried it and are satisfied with the results.

Baking Soda and Water
When mixed together forming paste, baking soda and water are excellent for drying out newly formed pimples. Done during the night, the mixture is placed on the face, left there for a few minutes and then removed. What baking soda does is dry out the skin itself, removing clogged dirt and excess oil from the face. Trying it out, you’ll find that results can be immediately seen overnight.

If you want a fast drying pimple, you can also use non-gel toothpaste. In fact, they are quite effective and take effect faster than most methods. The paste is simply applied on the affected area and left overnight or for a few minutes on the face.

Salt and Vinegar Paste
Another combination that stops acne is salt and vinegar paste applied to the skin every night. Leave it for thirty minutes after application before removing.

Warm and cold water treatment
Did you know that warm water opens up pores while cold water closes them? The theory is that by washing your face with warm water first; the pores are allowed to loosen, making it easier to remove dirt through facial cleansers. Once the dirt is removed, the face is then washed with cold water to close the pores and prevent the intrusion of other bacteria on the surface of the skin.

Other Alternatives

Cleansers and Creams
What causes pimples are excess oils and dirt on the skin which are basically the main targets of cleansers and creams. Unlike most home remedies which aim to get rid of pimples by drying them out, various facial scrubs are honed into removing the dirt and allowing the pores to breathe out. However, finding the salicylic acid ingredient in your cleanser would be ideal if you have decided to go for the commercial products route. Currently the best know skin cleansing material, it is even better than benzoyl peroxide which until recently has been the most widely used cleanser ingredient.

Oral Treatments
Of course, you might also want the help of pills prescribed by dermatologists. Some of them are actually very effective. On the downside, some people have noticed that stopping the treatment usually leads to a more severe case of pimple breakout.

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How to Treat Acne
Acne Vulgaris Treatment

Methods for a Clear Skin

Everybody wants smooth clear skin. Unfortunately, not everyone has the privilege of sporting such fine complexion, especially after the teenager stage where pimples start to break out. This is why there are various products in the market today promising clear complexion that are selling big. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to spend big bucks to get the skin that you want. In fact, there are actually home remedies for clear skin that you can easily make use of. Following are some clear skin tips you might want to adapt.

Use of water
One of the most common clear skin tips you’ll find involves water. Even if you drink it or apply it to your face, water is very vital when it comes to skin maintenance. Make sure that you manage to drink up to eight glasses of water each day to help your body detoxify. Remember that as the biggest organ of the body, the skin is also affected by any toxins you might have so it is important to flush those out as often as you can.

Washing your face before going to bed is also vitally important. In fact, you might be able to skip putting on creams, cleansers and other whatnots, but you must always wash your face before going to sleep. During the night, the dirt left on your skin blocks the pores, preventing them to secrete oils which consequently builds ups and causes pimples. So what this means is that you will manage to avoid pimples if you keep your face clean.

Popping Pimples
Never attempt to pop pimples. Except for a few types of pimples that may be popped without any problems, the majority of pimples you encounter must be left alone to die a natural death. Why? This is because popping pimples may cause scars and these are definitely harder to get rid of. Hence, if you don’t want your face to be forever ruined by the remnants of your adolescent acne, then be patient and let them go away on their own.

Another home remedies for clear skin that may sound surprising is the use of toothpastes. Swollen pimples may be applied with this teeth whitening agent prior to sleeping. The ingredient manages to reduce the swelling of the irritation, letting it disappear faster than ordinary.

Virgin Coconut Oil
When applied on the pimple, virgin coconut oil manages to dry the skin, thus removing the buildup of oil on the surface. It’s actually a very effective method which manages to significantly reduce the swelling of the pimple overnight. When applied to a newly forming pimple, oil can just as easily stop it from growing further. However, it is recommended that oil is applied after the face has been thoroughly cleansed by water.

Use of Lemon
After removal, some pimples leave behind a dark spot that ruins what would have been a clear complexion. Hence, the use of lemons which is a natural lightening agent on the spot affected. Simply apply the lemon the on dark spot and leave it there for a few minutes. Cucumber may also be used for this.

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Cure for Boils
Vitamins for Acne

Cures for Adult Acne

Are your horrified to find that you are undergoing another acne stage? It’s bad enough having to go through the acne stage during your teenage years, but to have another breakout when you are already in your late twenties or early thirties is downright embarrassing.

The usual causes of adult acne are stress, make-up, birth-control pills and good old fashioned hormone. Pretty much the reasons for teenage acne are also responsible for the breakout of acne for grown-ups. However, this doesn’t mean that the adult acne cure you used as a teenager is still applicable. Adult and teenage skin are very different so acne treatments for these two age groups can be very different. For adult acne cure, you might want to consider taking the following suggestions.

Look at the Ingredients
Salicylic acid or benzyl peroxide are the top two things you should be looking for in your chosen cleanser product. Exfoliate your skin three times a week at most to clean out your pores. However, make sure not to scrub too hard since this could irritate the skin, making it more perceptible to acne breakout.

Of course, there are also other acne treatments that you can use to make your skin heal faster. One of the most popular options today is the use of laser to clear the skin. For a wider range of choices, your best course of action would b a dermatologist who could prescribe different pills or treatments for acne. However, keep in mind that these treatments could be costly, take the laser option for example which could run up to several hundred dollars per session. Fortunately, you’ll find that these methods are very effective.

Natural Methods
For those who still want it natural, acne treatments that are homemade and effective are still possible. One remedy is applying cooked oatmeal to the face for 15 minutes and then washing them off is a popular acne treatment still used today. A mixture of lemon and water are also viable options because they are acidic and therefore ideal for minimizing acne.

Hygiene is actually very important if you want to control acne.

After all, dirt blockage in the pores is the main result why acne pops out. Make sure that you wash your face every day and removing any trace of makeup before going to bed. If various amounts of pimples start to break out, avoid touching so that the irritation won’t become too severe. Keep in mind that most scars are a result of pimples popped too soon. Acne scars are very hard to get rid of so don’t make the mistake of becoming impatient with your acne treatments.

Watch what you eat
One popular myth that should be immediately busted is the chocolate and acne misconception. However, what you eat is still important if you want a clear, glowing skin. Eat more fruits and vegetables and less processed foods. Also, make sure that you take in eight to ten glasses of water every day to help flush the toxins off your body.

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How to Remove Pimples
How to Stop Acne

How to Get Rid of Acne

Acne is basically a problem common for teenagers. It’s that time of their lives when they start getting unflattering pimples at the exact stage in their life that they want to look flattering.

What causes acne?
The sudden spike in hormones is the major culprit of pimple breakouts. This is why the condition occurs during the teenage years, because this is the time when a person’s hormones are starting to generate, thus catching the body unprepared.

With these hormones buildup, the pores are blocked by a large secretion of oils that then erupts into blackheads. Add a bit of dirt in the equation and you get yourself a large, attention grabbing pimple.

How to Treat Acne
There are various ways that acne can be treated ranging from the natural methods, pills, laser treatments and direct skin application. What would be discussed now is how to treat acne using products directly applied to the skin, the correct order that they must be used and why.

As mentioned above, what causes acne are the clogged pores in the skin that are irritated overtime. With the help of cleansers, these can be unclogged, removing the dirt, dead skin cells and minimizing the oil on the skin. However, when buying a cleanser, make sure that the one you choose contains salicylic acid. This is currently the best pimple ingredient used in most products. Cleansers should be used every day, preferably at night prior to going to sleep. For teenagers who are at the peak of their pimple breakouts, cleansing twice a day is also an option. However, this may depend on the intensity of the cleanser used.

Exfoliating is basically concerned with removal of dead skin cells and fast regeneration of new ones. There are actually various types of exfoliators in the market today. What you should be looking for is something that would do the job without irritating the skin. The ingredient to look for here are alpha and beta hydroxyl acids since they are capable of sweeping deeper into the pores. The two basically comes in cream forms although facials masks and facial scrubs are also considered as excellent exfoliators. Unlike cleansers, daily application is not necessary. Three to four times a week should be able to do it for you.

Preventing further clogging of the skin is the toners most basic work wherein it tightens up the pores of the skin. It can also double as a cleanser as well as an exfoliator and comes in different types with liquid form being the most common. Since some cleansers and exfoliators today are also capable of toning the skin and vice versa, then what it boils down to is finding the right product for the skin.

What to Avoid
Don’t use products that contain oil or are too abrasive to the skin. Lets say when shopping for a cleanser, you should be looking for one with a small materials in it. This would seep better into the pores, cleaning them properly while abrasive ones would only cause more pimples to show.

Also, make sure to follow the instructions of the cleanser that you bought. Don’t use the product more than you’re supposed to.

Too much usage may rob the skin of the right amount of oil it needs, hence making the skin overcompensate by producing more oil and thus starting the acne problem all over again.

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How to Get Rid of Zits
How to Get Rid of Acne

Top Medicines for Acne

Are you tired of wiping your face every night with garlic to prevent pimple build up? There are actually different cure for boil and not all of them are primitive. With the latest developments in science, simple cleansers and toners have been developed for skin health. Here are some of the best acne medicine you might encounter today.

Use of Benzoyl Peroxide
This ingredient is the most common thing you’ll find in most cleansers nowadays. It manages to clean out the pores to avoid any bacteria buildup on the skin. But that doesn’t mean that these products are trapped within bottles of cleansers. You’ll find that creams, lotion and soap also contain these materials. Since mild, cleansers containing this ingredient can be used every day, preferably at night. The price is also cheap and easily attainable.

Use of Salicylic Acid
Cleansers are also abundant with salicylic acid. This basically removes dead skin cells that block our pores. This was previously the best ingredient used until peroxide was added. Both are ingredients commonly used in a wide variety of hygiene products.

Drying out the skin is the main thing sulfur does. Hence, this causes the skin to peel. Much like cotton, it sucks out the oil buildup in the skin, thus stunting the growth of pimples. However, sulfur can be a bit smelly for some pimple. There are other who have experiences side effects with sulfur such as redness. When this happens, it is advisable to stop using any product that contains this ingredient.

Use of Resorcinol
One of the top acne medicine today, resorcinol isn’t really something that should be taken automatically. This chemical type can be very strong for the skin, especially when it comes to teenagers. In fact, you’ll find that resorcinol is basically contained in acne creams designed for adults. Aside from being a cure for boils, resorcinol also has various uses.

Try to remember that although effective, these products are still chemicals that may harm your skin. Hence, care is needed when using these materials. Don’t forget to read labels and follow the instructions. Overusing may also do more harm than good. Test for allergies by first applying the material on the inside of your wrist.

What you should know is that when used correctly, these treatments can be very effective. However, if you are experiencing severe acne and those mentioned do not work, then it’s time to consult a dermatologist. Remember that each has different skin needs so you would really need the input of a professional.

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Acne Vulgaris Treatment
How to Treat Acne

Proper Way to Pop Pimples

If you want to rid pimples fast, you could just as easily pop they with your hand. You don’t have to use toothpaste or even oil. Just one quick squeeze and the pimple will be gone.

However, this isn’t always advisable. In fact, you might have more problem if you try to get rid of pimples that way. Still, that doesn’t mean that you’re going to let that large whitehead live on your forehead for some time. Although it is not recommended, there are actually pimples that can be popped safely. However, it takes a very careful hand and various preparations to do it right. If not, then you might find the wound developing into a scar which would be harder to get rid of. For those who want to learn how to remove pimples, here are your options.

Using a Needle
You can rid pimples fast by using a needle to prick the topmost part. Make sure that you sterilize the needle first of course. After pricking, gently push down on the base of the pimple. Allow the white ooze to come out when you press. Next up, you can use a clean towel for wiping off the white ooze. You can also use a tissue paper if you like as long as it’s clean. After that, a small amount of blood should flow out. You can also allow some of the blood to get out before finally patting the pimple clean.

Use your Hand
You just use your hands if you don’t want or have a needle. However, make sure that they’re clean first. Look in front of a mirror and place your fingers on the base of the pimple. Push down so that the pus will move upwards. Now, use a towel or a tissue paper to clean it off. Blood should follow the white ooze and I recommend that you let some of them out.

Finding the Ripe Pimples
If you want to learn how to remove pimples, you should first find out how to identify ripe pimples. What you should look for are pimples that have this yellow or white pus on the middle. This is the material that you want removed.

Leave the pimple alone if it doesn’t rupture automatically. What this means is that the pimple is not yet ripe for removal and may leave a scar. Remember that its possible for you to get a scar if you try to pop pimples that are not yet ready. If so, then scars will be definitely harder to remove.

If you have more than two or three large pimples on your face, don’t try to prick each one. What you should do here is ask the help of a professional or use other treatment methods available.

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How to Treat Acne
Cure for Boils