Step 360 Workout

The Step360 is the latest in the home exercise equipment to hit the market. It claims it is capable of aiding you in slimming down with it’s special set up.

The product can described as a step shaped like a circle. What makes it special is that it provides an wobbly surface that you would workout on. It creates this by using 2 chambers filled with air which could either be wholly inflated to provide you with a well balanced surface or partially inflated to cause this step to become wobbly.

On paper this type of instability could make working out with the Step360 tougher. This results in more weight loss as more muscles will have to be utilized to keep you stabilized while doing exercises. In practice I doubt this will make a lot of difference in comparison with a regular step in terms of fat reduction.

What is going to really make a difference however is the fact that this product comes with a number of workouts that when used will surely direct you towards your weight loss goals. Unlike a regular step, this device seems like it’s a tone of fun to work with in your own home. It can encourage the owner to actually workout as opposed to leaving it to gather dust under the bed.

It is also possible to attach exercise bands across the rim of this step. This would mean in addition to aerobic workout, you’re able to perform resistance training workouts like bicep curls, chest presses, as well as lat raises, which enhances the effectiveness of the step.

The Step360 claims that it’s secret to quick results is interval training. It combines aerobic and strength training within the same workout routines. If done right interval training is really a successful method of reducing your weight. But it must be done cautiously, especially for an unconditioned person.

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