Some Awesome Women-Specific Hybrid Bicycles Now Available

It’s gratifying to see the efforts that major bike manufacturers have created to address the huge marketplace that exists in high quality performance bikes for women. This can be specifically noticeable – and refreshing – inside the hybrid bike market.

The tactic that designers have used is to maintain the majority of components the same between their equivalent models for men and women- wheels, gears, forks and so on, although other features are modified for your two versions.

This looks being the sensible choice, as it allows the manufacturers to profit from economies of scale, whilst keeping their manufacturing as easy and as organised as possible. It can also support us to produce sense of their otherwise really hard ranges. Producing sense of type names, numbers and specifications from many makers is difficult enough…

As a result, you will discover certain areas of difference among the versions for men and women:-

Frame geometry possibly being the difference that most persons would notice first. Women may perhaps no longer be sporting the lengthy dresses that created a step-through frame indispensable at 1 time, but this kind of geometry is even now a noticeable element. It may be not so exaggerated, but definitely a sloping top tube is really a popular feature.

The saddle is usually somewhat broader and shaped differently on the woman’s bike. It is just a simple fact that we now have differences in that area… Hybrid bikes are predominantly for leisure use, hence comfort is often a priority.

The handlebar for women is often wider, along with much more shape (more bend and rise).

The a couple of gender versions from the exact same amount are often of different colours, while that is certainly only aesthetic naturally. You’re not going to discover the female version in fairly pink including – perish the thought.

When navigating your way within the a variety of ranges from various manufacturers, there are that they will adopt different techniques to their marketing.

Some, like Specialized, have introduced women-specific amount names. The models inside these ranges will have corresponding versions in the men’s collections. Hence the Ariel may be the sister range to the Crosstrail – bikes that people who enjoy owning off the beaten track will most value. Likewise, the Vita variety of far more road-going bikes is analogous to their top-selling Sirrus models.

Other manufacturers, including Scott, have taken a different strategy. Their Sportster variety is defined by type numbers, every model getting produced accessible for both men and women, under the same number.

Some ladies bikes have no equivalent for men – such as the Pashley Princess Sovereign as well as the Dawes Duchess for example. On the other hand it’s actual to say that they are not really modern hybrid bikes for women; they are more retro-inspired.

So there’s no excuse – there is a bike out there for everybody. Simply get cycling.