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You must have listened about the “mononucleosis”. It is popularly also called as “kissing disease”, “mono” and sometimes also called as “glandular fever”. These are all the names of infectious mononucleosis which is caused due to a virus called Epstein-Barr virus also called as EBV. Epstein Barr virus belongs to the family of herpesvirus. The characteristic symptoms given by this type of virus generally include fatigue, fever, sore throat and malaise.

We call this disease as mononucleosis due its cause. It is basically caused due to the increase in the number of lymphocytes also called as white blood cells in our bloodstream as compared to other components of blood. This all happens as a consequence of the EBV infection.

The virus causing this disease called as EBV can be detected round the world. An antibody is developed in the body of people by the time they reach their adulthood. According to a report, in US, about 95% of the adults who are of 35 – 40 years of age detected with this antibody in their bloodstream. This simply means that most of the people get infected with this virus at some point of their life. Body develops the anti-bodies to fight against the foreign bodies and help in destroying them.

EBV can attack any person hence there is no particular range of the people who will get most infected to it. But, the frequency of the disease by the time person reaches to its adulthood increases. The main feature of this disease is that no particular type of symptom is produced by it. In fact, in majority of the cases, symptoms developed are not noticeable and one can’t even recognize that he is suffering from mono disease. The peak incidence of this disease is the 15 – 17 years when children enter their adolescents and adult age.

Infectious mononucleosis is a communicable disease and gets spread very easily. The major mode through which the disease spreads is with saliva. It is also called as “kissing disease” due to the same reason. Coughing, sneezing and releasing the virus in air are the other modes through which an infected person can transfer the disease from one person to another person. Besides this, sharing of same utensils or beverages also contribute no less in transferring disease from one person to another.

Medical guidance should be taken immediately in case of any such symptoms or in case of some unusual problems. Medicines should be taken only after consulting the doctor.

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Anemia Signs and the Reason Why You Ought to Be Informed

Anemia is a condition developed when the hemoglobin or the red blood cell count in the blood become comparatively low as compared to the normal level. This normal level varies with sex. Men and women generally have variations in the normal level of hemoglobin. The levels of hemoglobin are different in males and females. Hemoglobin level of less than 13.5 gram/100 ml is generally considered as standard and that of less than 12.0 gram/100 ml is considered as standard in case of females. However, these values are not fixed. They vary depending upon the laboratory reference taken into consideration and upon the source taken.

The major cause leading to anemia can be summarized as follows. It is a result of any process due to which the normal life span of red blood cell is decreased which leads to less number of red blood cells. Generally, the normal life span of red blood cells is about 120 days but in typical situations this life span decreases which ultimately leads to less number of RBCs left in the blood. These red blood cells are formed in the bone marrow.

Hence, basic factor leading to anemia is the reduction of RBCs doesn’t matter how. It can happen due to the reduction in the normal production of the red blood cell or hemoglobin in the blood. The other major reason which accounts to this problem is the destruction or the loss of the blood.

Besides these factors there are certain other factors that ultimately produce the condition of anemia. Anemia in various cases is also hereditary. Due to the presence of some genetic disorders, the life span of red blood cells is decreased and this then results into the reduced amount of RBCs in our blood. There may be various disorders particularly hereditary which lead to difficulty in the production of hemoglobin in the blood which then, results into less hemoglobin content in the blood. The severity of the anemia caused due to various genetic factors varies from person to person. Sometimes, the condition is so crucial that it leads to the death of the foetus and in some cases the effect of genetic factors are almost negligible.

There are various symptoms that may help you know about the anemia. Some of them include experiencing tiredness much easily after doing little amount of work and becoming pale. In certain cases, there may be hair loss.

One should consult the doctor immediately to avoid any sort of complications.

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Kidney Infection Causes Information That Many Don’t Know

It is hard to know the symptoms of a kidney infection. But if they are not treated on time, they can even cause death due to blood poisoning. They first cause blood poisoning which turns to kidney loss and ultimately the death. This is why the infection of kidney involves the risk of life.

Here are some of the symptoms of kidney infection. The first one is painful burning feeling during urination. This is basically the symptom of the urinary tract infection. But this if untreated, can lead you to the infection in kidney.

The Second of the symptoms of kidney infection is the pain in lower back many times covering the waist. It could be either a dull or a sharp pain. It could be like punching or could be like stabbing.
The third of the symptoms of infection of kidney is fatigue. People suffering from repeated kidney infections get this symptom hit suddenly. Without any other prominent symptom you suddenly get exhausted to the extent not able to open your eyes.

The fourth of the symptoms of infection in kidney is fever. Low in the beginning rises with the infection.

So it is alarming if you observe some of these symptoms with you. Immediately seek medical help. If the doctor thinks that you have a kidney infection, usually the most effective sulfa drug will be prescribed for you. Even you are using the sulfa drugs from years; you can develop an allergy for it. If you develop some rash or any other side effects, you should immediately inform the doctor about it so that he can supplement you with the antibiotics.

Now one must think of avoiding the infection in the kidney. Don’t just go on the beliefs popular among the people but refer a doctor for the same. The doctors are of the opinion to have more and more of liquid everyday. To be specific one must have at least 8 glasses of water everyday. A proper amount of rest is a preferred one.

You must take the symptoms and the infection of kidney very seriously. You must take proper rest with intake of plenty of liquids. You must not expect yourself to be recovered very fast; in few days. Make a note that even a mild kidney infection takes two weeks to recover fully. So in this proportion, a severe infection can take months to recover. So give your body the time it requires to recover.

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What You May Not Be Aware About Tinnitus Causes

The causes of tinnitus are many and varied; some of them are mild while others are a disaster leaving wounds of distress in the form of complete loss of hearing. In old age it forms part of the old man syndrome behavior where one may become an irritant as a result of poor hearing because of tired nerves. This may easily be explained and understood; but when it comes to the young generation, it is a very awkward situation. The world has gone on rampage; noise is all over; byproducts of technology one of them is noise which has become a pollutant to a dangerous level. While technology is there to tame noise, little is being done about it by those entrusted with this responsibility. Commerce has overtaken health; people’s health is a liability and for as long as nothing is of economic sense, it is not an issue. Good health has stopped being an asset; those in charge would rather have more people ill than in good shape because poor health means some money might come in. However not all situations are in the habit of generating noise; and for others it is not their wish to do that. Factory workers are encouraged to wear ear muffins and ear plugs; while this may only be a plain prescription, the owners of such institutions are actually suppose to provide as a matter of principle. This is one of the rights of the workers and must be enforced as one way towards achieving good health protection.

The ear in brief is made of the outer, middle and inner parts; and it is the inner part, which release the auditory nerve that transmits signals to the brain that matter in this discussion. It is the cochlea, spiral in nature that is attached to these nerves; and it is this tube that receives the heaviest beating when it comes to receiving of damaging noise signals. Science tells us that out of this failure to transmit signals to the brain, the brain alone is capable of generating its own sounds as a mark up to this loss which actually becomes the ringing sounds a victim hears. There are other very likely identifiable causes of this problem that have been isolated; in brief these include:

1. A high capacity of ear wax that builds up with time and may be in the circumstances of the patient, it has not been possible to clean.
2. Infection of the middle part of the ear ( otitis media)
3. A glued ear completely obstructed by heavy infection.
4. Meniere’s disease – this makes the victim lose balance completely because the labyrinth is damaged.
5. Anemic situations where the red blood cells become too low in numbers and during blood flow sound is produced.
6. A damaged eardrum

Aggravators of this problem are many and should be avoided by all means; these are caffeine, high salt containing food, nicotine, stress and many other impulses that come along in today’s rat race competitive environment we are now living in.

Everybody take up your role and delete stress from your timetables.

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