Education Of A Court Reporters

By Barb Rasmussen on November 18, 2010

The truth is that technology has simply improved the opportunities in the court reporting profession. Television and web broadcasts will always need reporters capable of real-time closed captioning. Private businesses are finding extra opportunities every day to provide work for reporters.

Certified court reporters will always be needed in courtrooms as well. The court reporter is the sole individual in the room all ears on nothing but creating a precise record of the proceedings. Technology has not at all a danger to the court reporting profession. Court reporting is on the top career opportunities around these days because of the escalating job prospect and high salaries.

Creating a word for word transcripts of speeches, conversations, legal procedures, meetings and other events when written accounts of spoken words are necessary for correspondence, records, or legal evidence is the vital job of a court reporter.

Court Reporters usually need two to four years to completely learn the required skills to be effective at capturing the compulsory 225 words per minute required by the National Court Reporters Association. Numerous court reporters continue to learn a specialized degree, such as a certificate, an associate degree, or a bachelor degree. More than a few states have determined that being a Certified Court Reporter (CCR) is only a part of the job and requires the court reporter to be a notary public as well. A reporter can take more licensing exams to be more competent, more capable in his or her profession and more opportunities as well.

To be certified court reporters, various states require court reporters to accomplish a state license after attending school. To acquire the license, court reporters are required to pass a series of tests related to verbatim reporting and precise typing. Training differs, however, the common time considered essential to learn stenography or voice reporting is about two years.

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How To Be Successful Using The Law Of Attraction

By CondiNet ICT on November 18, 2010

There is no human being who doesn’t get enticed by the idea of being successful. If someone says otherwise, they are lying. The secret of success is a treasure everyone looks for but many don’t find it. Using the law of attraction is one way that we can vouch for, which will take you closer to the success you dream about.

The law of attraction indicates that positivity begets positivity. If you have a fear of failure, there is a higher chance you will fail. If you think you may not succeed, it is probable that you will not. Rerouting your thoughts and changing your mindset towards ABUNDANCE rather than LACK, will do the trick for you. Let us have a look at some life situations.

* All of us want to own a house. Rented accommodation feels like a burden in itself. We think about all the ways we could use that cash if we didn’t have to pay the rent. Success will rather come when you exchange these types of thoughts with positive ones. Consider the fact that so many people around you can’t even afford to pay their rent. Convert all streams of negative thoughts into positive like this.

* You surely don’t like it when you get a huge credit card bill. Usually you would think that paying the bill will further deplete your finances. Instead direct your thoughts towards the fact that the bill got bigger because you used it to get yourself some facilities, which you have enjoyed or are enjoying.

* Broken up with your partner? Take it this way: it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all!

Try this in your day to day life and success will be yours for the taking.Thinking about incapability will make you continue the same way.

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Uncovering Criminal Records – Why You Need Them And How You Can Get Them

By Steven Sea on November 18, 2010

Traditionally, only professionals used to look up criminal records. Besides private and government investigators, attorneys also invested time and effort to find arrest records for criminal investigations. These people generally conducted such searches to solve or investigate trials they handled. The key sources of criminal records were government files, records and databases. In many instances these records were not even prepared as soft copies.

When computerized systems emerged, the world still had to wait till the advent of internet for these public record databases being online. Today, besides the courthouse based records, some states and counties have their public records online for the convenient accessibility of the public. The US laws make it obligatory for the states or local governments to make arrest records, marriage records, divorce records, birth/death certificates, driving records and similar kind of records publicly available.

These days, anyone with a computer and internet access can look up arrest records online. You can do your own ‘private investigation’ online whenever you want and from wherever you want! Just imagine the benefit you can get… from the ease and convenience of your home, you’ll get to perform online searches for finding criminal records on people. You could thank the growing trend of online internet background search companies that have been helping people on this. The search you make online is held absolutely private and nobody knows who you searched on.

Some of these online services are fee-based, while you can find free ones as well. Free services however can offer you only basic details in most cases. But these are sometimes incomplete and erroneous. And sometimes you can’t even find the desired information. This is natural since the free services are not able to cover the effort and cost of compiling nationwide data on criminal records. They have data that has been collected primarily on the basis of their convenience and the easy availability of the data. So you can’t expect too much of these free online background check services. If your search finds anything fruitful, you should consider that as mostly a good luck incident.

At the other end of the spectrum, the paid background check services need to make money for staying in business and competition. So they make relentless efforts to get the most recent data on public records and the highest possible nationwide coverage. The fee you pay is small. At least, you can’t call a $40 yearly flat fee too high for the compiled database search facilities you get. Get registered with a paid service to get the latest and comprehensive criminal records.

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Know Your Right To Access Criminal Records

By Billy Crows on November 18, 2010

Everyone is now given the opportunity to protect their own selves from being a victim of any crime. However, not all take the chance to check out relevant files such as Texas Criminal Records. Searching for this information is important when it comes to investigating the personal background of someone. Apparently, it keeps you safe from any harmful individuals in the society.

Back in the old days, these accounts are obtainable at the local court house. It can also be requested at various local law enforcement authorities. The common issues with this method, though, lie on the long waiting time that it requires, plus the long list of paperworks that it needs. Usually, it takes several days and even weeks before the result will be released to you. Hence, going through this traditional method is not recommended for those who only have a little amount of time.

As technology advances, obtaining this document has also become more convenient. This time, all you need is a computer that is connected to the Internet so you can conduct your own search at your home or office. Among the several available methods now, using the Internet is the most practical, easiest, and the fastest. With this, you don’t have to worry if your subject would know about your search since it ensures privacy and confidentiality.

There are various reasons why most individuals ought to find this document. For one, it is useful in checking the personal background of someone. It reveals significant details about the person, helping you determine if he’s trustworthy or not. This time, a lot of employers also take advantage of the information that is contained in this account. They utilize it in conducting an employment screening.

The state has already bestowed to the general public the right to view and use this document. That means that you can now easily check on the criminal record of a certain individual, and vice versa. That is why you must also search for your own file in order to find some possible errors that should be corrected by the proper office.

Numerous fee-based providers are now accessible online. They offer the best and the most accurate Criminal Records ever. This type of service only requires a one-time fee for that high-quality report that you need. It also features total refund and 24/7 support. No wonder more individuals now opt to choose this method.

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Use Police Records Search For Your Protection

By Billy Crows on November 18, 2010

In this big world where no one knows everyone, it is of great importance to do some ways that will be very helpful for you to get to know more about that person that you’re dealing and working with every single day. Truly, you can never tell if someone has pure intentions in getting close to you or if he has some dark secrets inside just by looking at his or her outward appearance. Thus, criminal records are now available to help you with this concern.

If you wished to conduct an investigation on someone, then one of the things that you can do is find those Police Records that are stored at your local police department. The state has given the policemen a responsibility to document every incident that happens between a person and a police officer. Those reports that they created are then expected to be loaded with important details regarding someone. Police records are not limited to just the occurrence of crimes and certain violations, but also indicate cases on permits, traffic accidents, domestic incidents, and the like.

The policy of the Freedom of Information Act makes it obligatory for every state to make this information open to all. However, that should not be misinterpreted. Various states still hold their own jurisdiction when it comes to the way these files should be treated. There are states that are so lenient, but there are also those that require authorization prior to the release of information. Cases in which the information is withdrawn by the state from public view and use are also inevitable.

Nowadays, it’s no longer unusual for anybody to perform a Police Records Search. Doing such task is becoming popular among many people due to a number of reasons. One of these reasons is for an employer to conduct an employment screening for the security of his or her business. This process will help him determine who is deserving and who is not. Likewise, the information that is in these police records is also significant for a layman to safeguard himself against any unknown person nearby. Apart from that, you may also have to obtain your own police record as part of the requirements in going abroad.

With the existence of these files, many might have wondered if Are Police Reports Public Record. Yes, the information per se is available to the public but then again, it is still under the state’s jurisdiction. It can be made wide open to the general public or kept confidential for some legal reasons. Illegal use of this information such as for harassment, discrimination, unfair treatment and inconsistencies in employment is also restricted by the law.

Searching for these documents is a very easy task to do nowadays. There’s your local police department that you can run to for assistance without paying for anything at all. The only thing about this kind of method is that it necessitates you to go through a lot of procedures. Thus, it’s a hassle and it’s time-consuming. The good news is that there’s already a clear solution to that concern and that is the use of the Internet. Professional record providers abound online to offer you with the kind of service that you wanted in order to obtain the desired result. These sites that cater to these requests are either free or paid. However, for a high-quality report, it is advisable to go for that which requires a minimal amount for the service.

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Compensation Claim – How Do I Make One?

By Ted Brian on November 18, 2010

Making a compensation claim isn’t something we generally think we will ever need to do. However, if you do end up injured in an accident and find yourself needing to claim, it is important to know the right steps to take.

The first thing to do is to make sure you have gathered statements from any witnesses to your accident. Whether you were involved in a car crash, or slipped over on a wet floor at work, if someone saw what happened to you, getting them to give a witness account will be hugely beneficial to any payout you are likely to receive.

The next thing you should do is to discuss your accident with a professional personal injury specialist. Choosing a lawyer, rather than a typical claims management company is an important step here, as the latter are only interested in ‘farming’ your claim out to a third party for financial benefit. A genuine solicitor will try to help you to get your payout settled in a quick, hassle-free way on a no win no fee basis.

It’s likely that you will then need to attend a medical examination to assess the severity of your injuries. This is an important step in determining how much compensation you are likely to receive. It is vital to attend this as failure to do so will have a negative effect on your chances of receiving compensation.

When your solicitor has gathered all of the available evidence, he will present it to the person at fault, whether that be your employer, another driver, a medical expert or someone else responsible for your injury. This time is probably the longest, and it is likely that you will feel a bit impatient with the length of time you hear back from your solicitor regarding your case. However, there is a lot of negotiating that needs to happen, and in the majority of cases, they will be able to get you a direct settlement which means you can avoid a trip to the county court.

Compensation claims
can take time; usually the more serious they are the longer they will take. However, putting your trust in a qualified solicitor is the first step to receiving the money you deserve.

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The Real Cost Of Bankruptcy

By Michael Ibsen on November 18, 2010

When you find yourself deep in debt, there may be no other way out of the situation than declaring yourself bankrupt.

However, this method of resolving a bad financial situation should be used with caution as the price to pay for bankruptcy may be far greater than you realize.

Let us reveal the true cost of bankruptcy.

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is designed for individuals or couples wanting a fresh start. It is the most difficult to qualify for, but the fastest way to discharge all debt.

Before a petition can be filed with the courts, a test, known as a means test, must be taken. The test is used to determine whether or not you have the ability to repay the debts. It therefore seeks to find an alternative to bankruptcy.

If the means test is not passed, bankruptcy is filed. The whole process lasts three to four months in duration. However, you may not be granted continued possession of your home and your car as these may be used for liquidation purposes.

Chapter 11

Chapter 11 bankruptcies generally only concern businesses. This is the most costly petition to file and the most difficult as well.

The business (or individual) has two types of documentation to contend with.

First, a repayment plan must be submitted to the creditors within a specified time frame. Second, there is a requirement to prove that money is available to repay the debts and hence follow the plan. Creditors have the right to reject this plan if it does not prove adequate.

Chapter 13

For an individual, this is the most common type of bankruptcy. Generally, it is also the swiftest. Also, assets are not forcibly lost through liquidation such as in Chapter 7.

The individual will submit a plan with the petition to make timely payments over the next three to five years. Generally, payments of 10 cents on every dollar outstanding are accepted. In other instances, it may be as high as 50 cents to the dollar owed.

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Why You Should Choose A Daycare Or Preschool That Screens It’s Employees

By Dave Davies on November 18, 2010

Entrusting your children to the care of anyone other than a close family member or longtime friend can be a risky and difficult undertaking. As a parent, you unfortunately always have to be concerned about the safety of your children, regardless of where they may happen to be.

With horror stories associated with churches, schools and other establishments, which may have once been viewed as safe havens for children, becoming more and more prevalent in the news as places where children are mistreated or abused, your worries are certainly well founded. The fact is that you can never be too safe when it comes to your kids.

Choosing a daycare or preschool with rigorous safety protocols in place when it comes to its employees is simply the right thing to do. Advancements in technology, including the ready availability of information which comes with the digital age, makes thorough screening of potential and current employees a simple and easy task for childcare and educational facilities to achieve.

What Kind of Pre-Employment Screening Should You Expect?

The right facility will have a comprehensive pre-employment screening process in place for potential employees. This process should include criminal history checks, drug and alcohol screening, and a check of the social security listings and the sexual offender registry, in addition to reference and past employment surveys. The organization should check on any educational certificates or formal degrees potential employees claim to hold as well.

Don’t be afraid to question schools or childcare businesses about the practices or to ask for proof of their adherence to their own screening policies. Having a pre-employment screening policy in place is one thing; following that policy consistently is another.

While you cannot be privy to background checks, drug screens or other screening information legally, you can request to see documentation of contractual agreements with different screening firms, businesses and services. Any organization which cannot provide you with such documentation is questionable in their claims.

You should also ensure that their screening methods are up to muster. Checking out the services they use can provide you some insight. Understanding the breadth of the screenings the school or daycare performs is another means of making sure your child is really as safe as possible.

For example, the performance of a criminal history search is not enough. Knowing where the search is performed will give you the information you need to determine if the facility’s practices meet the highest standards possible.

Criminals don’t often stay in just one place. For this reason, a local or state-level criminal history search may not turn up all convictions, pending charges, or outstanding warrants on an individual. A national database search is required for full assurance of a clean criminal record. Likewise, a national sex offender registry search will screen out any predators that are in the system anywhere in the nation.

Some companies perform pre-employment drug screens that don’t look for all controlled substances and don’t check alcohol blood levels either. In an effort to meet compliance standards but still save money, many organizations cut their drug screens down to the bare minimum. You should ask what the company’s drug screen searches for and ensure that it is as comprehensive of a drug panel as possible, including the presence of alcohol.

You may also want to consider the type of drug screening that is conducted. Urine, blood and hair tests are all available. Each has its own weaknesses and benefits. A urine or blood test can be passed even when drugs were recently in the system. A hair test, however, gives a longer historical record of drug use and can be a means of catching drug users who only cleaned up long enough to get the job.

What Ongoing Procedures Should Be in Place?

Random drug and alcohol screening of employees should be standard with any place you choose to care for your children. Even a drug addict can pass a pre-employment urine test. Random screening helps limit the probability that your child will be in the care of a compromised individual.

An organization that truly cares about the safety of your kids should have strict disciplinary and conduct standards in place. These should include harsh action for any inappropriate conduct which occurs on or off the job. For instance, a daycare worker who is under investigation outside of work for child endangerment should be suspended during the course of the police investigation and any subsequent legal proceedings, if not permanently removed from his or her employment.

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Crisis Management – Taking Your Company Public – And The Unwillingness To Lose

By Billy Brag on November 18, 2010

Whether it’s putting out the flames of a recent corporate crisis or defamer, the almost impossible attempts at taking your company public or the ongoing drama of creating global alliances to expedite entity expansion the success and failure of these challenges comes down to the CEO’s unwillingness to lose.

The mentality and stubborn nature that makes the CEO the company punk with too much attitude to be approachable by sub management is the same ego that will save the company from the wrath of despair. The arrogant, seemingly self-centered mindset of the upper echelon senior executive stems from either insecurity or a man/woman on a mission with their roots firmly planted and unwilling to deviate from the goal’s set for the company.

A cocky, informed, pompous company president with a track record of success should be free from board intervention and founder interruption so long as they are yielding results from these actions. Think about it, who is going to back a wavering CEO or someone that is willing to bend to pressure? To the contrary, you want a tough minded, intellectual brawler ready to go to battle at the drop of a hat to preserve your company’s vision and marketplace position. Who wants a pushover in a position that demands mental stamina and 24 hour alertness?

Obviously the company leader needs to have a personality that acts as targeted gravity to those around him; they should be a personable individual that has an aura when they walk into the room.

For example, James Scott, CEO of Princeton Corporate Solutions Inc.; one of the global economy’s most sought after consultants for regional economic turn-around, governmental strategies and IPO facilitation, all falling under the umbrella of an economic strategies firm that is unmatched and unrivaled on the international globalization scene. When reading about his track record you’d expect a 65 year old executive, gray hair and Warren Buffet-ish in demeanor. The reality is he’s a 30 something kid with a shaved head, muscular physique and a glare that could melt a hold in the Berlin wall. He’d rather tell you to take your investment capital and stuff it where the ‘sun don’t shine’ before he asks you twice to invest in a venture. He is renowned for simply getting up and walking out of a room if the client’s attempting to adjust his model for expansion or redevelopment, yes he’s that good. His cocky, unwaveringly confident aura is the precise reason there is a 9 month backlog of countries, regional governments and corporate clients waiting in line to work with him.

It would be one thing to have this arrogance and not have a track record or ability to fulfill obligations but this cocky play stems from one of the most successful restructuring histories in modern economics.

So next time you complain that your CEO is a jerk or too difficult to vent to, remember the fact that without this tough exterior your leader would crack under pressure and bend too often thus your company would have a shortened lifespan and you’d be in the market hunting for a job.

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Top CEO’s Under 40

By Billy Brag on November 18, 2010

It’s incredible to think that nearly 100 public companies were founded and/or are run by CEO’s under 40 and what’s even more unbelievable is that the wind behind the sails of most of these companies is also a kid under 40. James Scott, 35 year old CEO of Princeton Corporate Solutions, now based in midtown Manhattan is one of the most sought after strategists on the face of the planet for crisis management, globalization and IPO facilitation.

When I was in my mid 30’s I was still trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, these men and women are changing the world, creating jobs and stepping in to offer solutions that are slowly turning around the US economy and the global market place.

James Scott is not only one of the highest paid globalization tacticians and corporate strategists on the map, retainers start at $35,000 with a six month waiting list, but now his influence has moved into the political sector where he consults in the MENA region helping countries with free trade issues as well as European countries for economic turnaround.

“We will meet with the political leadership in an area, identify the issues and concerns and will usually apply a corporate business model of strategic alliance facilitation at multiple levels to initiate the turnaround” says Scott, “we then proceed to make introductions and formulate partnerships between their leadership and US politicians and companies interested in a win/win relationship that can begin to start yielding fruit expediently.”

Too shy for cameras, he’ll participate on a radio expert panel or magazine but you won’t find his picture anywhere. He simply doesn’t allow for his picture to be taken. “I’m much more of a behind the scenes kind of guy” explains Scott, “I enjoy my privacy and have nothing to prove. I just get in and do what I do, that’s it. I don’t need to be on TV or have my face in the papers.”

I had to laugh when I read that Scott turned down a front page article about he and his company in USA Today because it required his photo. Try explaining that mentality to Donald Trump or Malcolm Forbes. It’s a new era in economics. The establishment has been replaced by young, vibrant powerbrokers worried less about fame and more about creating solutions. Something tells me that if these kids ran our government, we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in.

BusinessWeek’s Review on CEOs Under 40, Time had a great right up for Political Players Under 40