9 Ways the New Credit Card Reform Bill Will Affect You This February

By Xxz100 on January 30, 2010 In Business

If you have a current credit card balance then hopefully Obama’s Credit Card Reform Bill of 2009 will provide some needed debt relief.

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Need Credit Fixed Fast? – Fast Credit Repair Tips to Help You Boost Your FICO Scores

By Zameensapna on January 30, 2010 In Business

If you are like most people with a low FICO score you need credit fixed fast in order to secure financing for a big ticket item lime a home or a car. This article will give you a few fast credit repair tips to help you do just that.

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Need Of Credit Report Annually

By Suvi on January 30, 2010 In Business

There are many types of things which are carried out in our day to day life, we don’t remember what past days before if the thing is not special. Similar to this we spend a lot of money and earn a lot of money from many different ways, if we will not maintain the books how we will get the information about our expenses or incomes. Now a day each and every person is maintaining books for the income and expenses, many maintain it with the personal computers, banks, notes or diary. Some just keep running tally at the back of the cheque-book and at the month just matches the amount with the total of statement provided by the bank, as it is necessary to keep the knowledge of the balance amount available in bank, but knowing how worthy you are is also equal important.

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Simple and Successful Tips to Increase Credit Score

By Winston Jenkins on January 30, 2010 In Business

Times are hard and many of us are in worse than ever situation, several applications for requirements like property loans, car loans, or credit cards face rejections by creditors and the reason mostly is a poor score. Thus it is very important to increase credit score and maintain a good number.

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Writing to Correct a Credit Report Error

By Karlopaolo24 on January 30, 2010 In Business

The one sure step to repairing credit reports is by sending a credit repair dispute letter. A thorough understanding of what the Law states as regards Credit Dispute resolution is necessary, it is also important that any letter you send to the credit bureaus be in your own words not a copy of someone’s letter, this would help show seriousness behind your request as there are tones of letters received by bureaus daily and you would want your letter to stand out.

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Sample Dispute Letter For the Credit Bureaus – Equifax, Transunion and Experian

By Karlopaolo24 on January 30, 2010 In Business

Writing a letter to the credit bureaus is the first and most important step to repairing your credit. When writing to the credit bureaus you will have to write a letter to each bureau per negative and/or incorrect item.

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How to Avoid a Credit Card Charge-Off

By Paul Joseph on January 30, 2010 In Business

The simplest way to avoid a credit card charge-off is to learn and understand the credit card system. Here are some tips:

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Credit Debt Tips – How to Eliminate Your Credit Debt Problems in This Market

By Melanie on January 30, 2010 In Business

If you want to have some of your credit card debt eliminated you want to undergo the process known as debt settlement. Although you are able to negotiate with your creditors directly and yourself, there are many, many benefits to enrolling into a legitimate and good debt relief program. These benefits tend to include getting a bigger percentage of your debt eliminated, seeking debt relief sooner, and so forth.

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Manage Your Credit and Repair Your Score – Why and How?

By Wu Xue Yang on January 30, 2010 In Business

Falling into a lot of unmanageable debt can be destructive in every aspect of your life. Once you have become a risk you will always have a problem getting a good loan. You need to start repairing your credit score as soon as possible before things get worse. Repairing your credit score is not a mathematical equation you won’t be able to solve. All you need to do is to do some research into credit debt management and with doing that you are on your way to having financial freedom.

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The 3 Pillars of Your Credit Score

By Shaun Gregg on January 30, 2010 In Business

Credit scores are based on many factors and each financial institution may have specific methods unique to their scoring. But there are three common pillars that dictate your overall credit score that are common to most financial institutions. You need to address these three pillars in order to raise or increase your credit score.

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